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From Blakey to Brown, Como to Costa, Eckstine to Eldridge, Galbraith to Garner, Harris to Hines, Horne to Hyman, Jamal to Jefferson, Kelly to Klook; Mancini to Marmarosa, May to Mitchell, Negri to Nestico, Parlan to Ponder, Reed to Ruther, Strayhorn to Sullivan, Turk to Turrentine, Wade to Williams… the forthcoming publication Treasury of Pittsburgh Jazz Connections by Dr. Nelson Harrison and Dr. Ralph Proctor, Jr. will document the legacy of one of the world’s greatest jazz capitals.


Do you want to know who Dizzy Gillespie  idolized? Did you ever wonder who inspired Kenny Clarke and Art Blakey? Who was the pianist that mentored Monk, Bud Powell, Tad Dameron, Elmo Hope, Sarah Vaughan and Mel Torme? Who was Art Tatum’s idol and Nat Cole’s mentor? What musical quartet pioneered the concept adopted later by the Modern Jazz Quartet? Were you ever curious to know who taught saxophone to Stanley Turrentine or who taught piano to Ahmad Jamal? What community music school trained Robert McFerrin, Sr. for his history-making debut with the Metropolitan Opera? What virtually unknown pianist was a significant influence on young John Coltrane, Shirley Scott, McCoy Tyner, Bobby Timmons and Ray Bryant when he moved to Philadelphia from Pittsburgh in the 1940s?  Would you be surprised to know that Erroll Garner attended classes at the Julliard School of Music in New York and was at the top of his class in writing and arranging proficiency?


Some answers  can be gleaned from the postings on the Pittsburgh Jazz Network.


For almost 100 years the Pittsburgh region has been a metacenter of jazz originality that is second to no other in the history of jazz.  One of the best kept secrets in jazz folklore, the Pittsburgh Jazz Legacy has heretofore remained mythical.  We have dubbed it “the greatest story never told” since it has not been represented in writing before now in such a way as to be accessible to anyone seeking to know more about it.  When it was happening, little did we know how priceless the memories would become when the times were gone.


Today jazz is still king in Pittsburgh, with events, performances and activities happening all the time. The Pittsburgh Jazz Network is dedicated to celebrating and showcasing the places, artists and fans that carry on the legacy of Pittsburgh's jazz heritage.






Duke Ellington is first African-American and the first musician to solo on U.S. circulating coin



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At 5:46pm on April 12, 2009, Kent Bey said…
Greetings... I am establishing a live Jazz Night on a Wednesday between 7pm to 10pm at a very nice, clean, and classy venue in the East Liberty area. The evening will feature local Pittsburgh musicians like Tony Campbell and many others performing for a very appreciative audience of jazz lovers.

I am a Pittsburgh native and local youth arts advocate attempting to expose young up and coming artists to the heart and soul of pure Pittsburgh music culture and traditions as they meet and learn from some of the local Music Masters. If you are interested in hosting a Wednesday night once a month or every other month I would be humbled and honored to make this happen.


Kent Bey

At 1:05am on April 9, 2009, Ms Taylor P Collins said…
Nelson thank you so much for the warm welcome..just added some music and a couple of videos..please let me know what you think and thanks again!!

At 9:13pm on April 8, 2009, Jesse Jones Jr. said…
Hello my friend,
Thanks for the compliment. Will be loading some sounds from my first CD. Stay tuned for my next CD being released the 1st of May. keep swinging my man.

Talk to you soon,
At 8:43pm on March 31, 2009, Ronnie said…
Me Too! you have a nice site. Everyone is here. Keep up the good work.
At 2:28pm on March 31, 2009, PaulSlimick said…
Alright nelson I look forward to hearing some good music and meeting some new people
At 11:40pm on March 30, 2009, David Powell said…
Would love to visit.
I'll see what the summer looks like
At 6:43pm on March 30, 2009, martin thomas said…
Busy tonight, Nelson, but sunday night looks good for videoing.
At 6:30am on March 30, 2009, PaulSlimick said…
Thank you so much for the info. I wish I could make it out tomorrow night but I already have plans. I will defiantly make it out to the Hazelet Theater, what time is it running from. Thanks again

At 6:23pm on March 29, 2009, Billy Hill (Rashied) said…
Thanks for this site. Glad that someone is using this technology to keep the music and the tradition alive and most important, flourishing.
At 3:41pm on March 29, 2009, PaulSlimick said…
Art Blakey came from pittsburgh?? wow I never knew that but this is a great website. I checked out the event board and saw the listings. Im a drummer that is looking for open stage nights to get a chance to play with new musicians around the area. Will they post those on a regular basis.

Thanks Paul
At 4:35pm on March 28, 2009, LaFaye said…
I'm lovin this music!
At 9:47am on March 28, 2009, Paula Bradman said…
Hi Nelson,

Thank you SO much for your kind words....what an ego totally made my day!!!!!!
I am completely awed by your talent and experience and honored that someone of your caliber would appreciate my voice and arrangements. Thank you too for your suggestion to include audio-visual posts...I will start working on that!!!

At 4:44am on March 28, 2009, Bruce C said…

Nelson......thanks Doc!...every now and then a beautiful garden such as thios one needs a tiny bit of "weeding"....rotflmao....hope all is well in the "burgh" now that "Spring" is on the way dooryard still has over a foot of snow...but 50f hee today and I can see the ground in a few know you and any of your compatriots are welcome here in Maine...I've got room and the summertime has some sweet jazz venues...and of course well...keep jammin' best to you and all those in your life...your humble servant here in Bb...always b
At 3:28am on March 28, 2009, Bruce C said…
Say Hey Leon...what's with the ringtone spam for lunch bunch...puleeeeeeeeze get rid of that waste of our time and valuable page space...thanks man...always b
At 3:05am on March 28, 2009, Mike O'Neil said…
Check us out at Myspace KansasCityBluesBand. Just a bunch of old guys play'n the blues
At 6:56pm on March 25, 2009, Jody Jaress said…
Nelson my dear... I just knew you were a charmer! Thanks for the info. I now feel even more accepted here. Times do change, eh? I would love to share some of my son's artwork with everyone. He even has some of them in the film: "I love you, man" just released. I get nervous about something happening to them when they're rented. I would buy all of them if I could afford to do so, but then that would be selfish... his work needs to be seen more. He's so laid back it doesn't seem to matter to him... if he's asked to do a show fine, if not fine. Me... for my passion/career, I must be proactive 24/7 practically. I'm chuckling right now, because I'm finding myself coming up with more stuff to right about because I'm enjoying listening to your music!! Oh, so sad, but here in LA, the legendary "Jazz Bakery" is closing! Very disturbing.

Gotta go for now... thanks so much for your kindness.
Much happiness, Jody
At 1:18pm on March 25, 2009, Luiz Santos said…
Hi Nelson,
Check out my New SPRING Album!
Peace, Luiz
At 6:26am on March 25, 2009, Jody Jaress said…
Such kind words Nelson, thank you. I am sooooo honored to be included on this website of such wonderful musicians. Thank you...! My son really loves jazz and was inspired to paint a "Jazz Series" of portraits including Coltrane, Joe Williams, Paul Chambers, young and old Ray Charles, Big Black Cadillac (Lightnin' Hopkins), Sonny Rollins, and oh my, I've forgotten who else... of course he's moved on to a different style now... but these are my favorite. I will put some of my photos on soon. Not certain that I'll know how to put a video on, but I'll try. I'm not so sure that jazz artists would want an actor's stuff on this site though which is designed for musicians. It is just so great to listen to everyone... Keep making those dreams come true!!
At 10:49am on March 23, 2009, MICHAEL J. GOURRIER said…
Thanks for strating the site. We need this kind of modern activity to help heep Jazz out in the public eyesight.
At 6:06am on March 23, 2009, andy taravella said…
i may be out tmro night where in east liberty is it?i have been meaning to go out and see the baddest cats in the land for a while i only have mondays off gigs are piling up for me but that is one day i need to just get out and let loose

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