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From Blakey to Brown, Como to Costa, Eckstine to Eldridge, Galbraith to Garner, Harris to Hines, Horne to Hyman, Jamal to Jefferson, Kelly to Klook; Mancini to Marmarosa, May to Mitchell, Negri to Nestico, Parlan to Ponder, Reed to Ruther, Strayhorn to Sullivan, Turk to Turrentine, Wade to Williams… the forthcoming publication Treasury of Pittsburgh Jazz Connections by Dr. Nelson Harrison and Dr. Ralph Proctor, Jr. will document the legacy of one of the world’s greatest jazz capitals.


Do you want to know who Dizzy Gillespie  idolized? Did you ever wonder who inspired Kenny Clarke and Art Blakey? Who was the pianist that mentored Monk, Bud Powell, Tad Dameron, Elmo Hope, Sarah Vaughan and Mel Torme? Who was Art Tatum’s idol and Nat Cole’s mentor? What musical quartet pioneered the concept adopted later by the Modern Jazz Quartet? Were you ever curious to know who taught saxophone to Stanley Turrentine or who taught piano to Ahmad Jamal? What community music school trained Robert McFerrin, Sr. for his history-making debut with the Metropolitan Opera? What virtually unknown pianist was a significant influence on young John Coltrane, Shirley Scott, McCoy Tyner, Bobby Timmons and Ray Bryant when he moved to Philadelphia from Pittsburgh in the 1940s?  Would you be surprised to know that Erroll Garner attended classes at the Julliard School of Music in New York and was at the top of his class in writing and arranging proficiency?


Some answers  can be gleaned from the postings on the Pittsburgh Jazz Network.


For almost 100 years the Pittsburgh region has been a metacenter of jazz originality that is second to no other in the history of jazz.  One of the best kept secrets in jazz folklore, the Pittsburgh Jazz Legacy has heretofore remained mythical.  We have dubbed it “the greatest story never told” since it has not been represented in writing before now in such a way as to be accessible to anyone seeking to know more about it.  When it was happening, little did we know how priceless the memories would become when the times were gone.


Today jazz is still king in Pittsburgh, with events, performances and activities happening all the time. The Pittsburgh Jazz Network is dedicated to celebrating and showcasing the places, artists and fans that carry on the legacy of Pittsburgh's jazz heritage.






Duke Ellington is first African-American and the first musician to solo on U.S. circulating coin



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KENNY CLARKE (Kenneth Clarke Spearman; Liaquat Ali Salaam)

Jan. 9 (or 2, see UD!), 1914, Pittsburgh, PA; Jan. 26, 1985, Paris, aet. 71.

Down Beat Hall of Fame 1988 (Krupa 1951, Roach 1980, Blakey 1981, Tony Williams 1997, Elvin Jones 1998)



"AT" means: Art Taylor: Notes and Tones

"CBBB" means: Kenny Clarke - Francy Boland Big Band

"Dahl" means: Linda Dahl: Morning Glory. A Biography of Mary Lou Williams. New York, Pantheon 1999

"DeV" means: Scott DeVeaux: Bebop

"EC" means: CBBB en concert avec Europe 1. Textheft (Extraits du Dictionnaire du jazz, sous la direction de P. Carles, JL. Comolli et A. Clergeat, collection Bouquins, Editions Robert Laffont)

"GA" means: Gisela Albus: Paris - Pittsburgh. A Story in Jazz. The Life of Nathan Davis.

"Git" means: Ira Gitler: Swing to Bop

"JL" means: Jeff Loughridge: Kenny "Klook" Clarke (Internet)

"MH" or "Klook" means: Mike Hennessey: Klook. The Story of Kenny Clarke.

"SF" means: Jürgen Schulz / Michael Frohne: 10 Years Clarke-Boland Ensembles

"UD" means: Ursula Broschke Davis: Paris Without Regret

"Z" means: Kenny Clarke: Dropping Bombs on Paris. By Mike Zwerin (Internet)


1914, Jan. 9, KC was born in Pittsburgh, PA. (capricorn, Steinbock!)

[Armstrong 1901, Aug. 4; Earl Hines 1903, Dec. 28; Fats Waller 1904, May 21; Basie 1904, Aug. 21; C. Hawkins 1904, Nov. 21;

Hodges 1907, Jul. 25; Benny Carter 1907, Aug. 8; Ben Webster 1909, Mar. 27; Hampton 1909, Apr. 12; L. Young 1909, Aug. 27; Cozy Cole 1909, Oct. 17; M. L. Williams 1910, May 8; Sid Catlett 1910, Jan. 17; Carney 1910, Apr. 1; Cootie Williams 1910, Jun. 24; Willie Smith 1910, Nov. 25; Eldridge 1911, Jan. 30; Freddie Green 1911, Mar. 31; Mario Bauza 1911, Apr. 28; Jo Jones 1911, Oct. 7; Machito 1912, Feb. 16; Ray Nance 1913, Dec. 10;

Kenny Clarke 1914, Jan. 9; Erskine Hawkins 1914, Jul. 26; Chano Pozo 1915, Jan. 7; B. Holiday 1915, Apr. 7; Strayhorn 1915, Nov. 29; Ch. Christian 1916, Jul. 29; Cat Anderson 1916, Sep. 12;

Dameron 1917, Feb. 21; J. Hamilton 1917, May 25; Monk 1917, Oct. 10; Gillespie 1917, Oct. 21; Blanton 1918, Oct. 5; Blakey 1919, Oct. 11;

J. Lewis 1920, May 3; Gonsalves 1920, Jul. 12; Parker 1920, Aug. 29; C. Terry 1920, Dec. 14; Tony Scott 1921, Jun. 17; Chico Hamilton 1921, Sep. 21; Chico O'Farrill 1921, Oct. 28;

Mingus 1922, Apr. 22; Pettiford 1922, Sep. 30; Milt Jackson 1923, Jan. 1; Dexter Gordon 1923, Feb. 28; Thad Jones 1923, Mar. 28; I. Sulieman, 1923, Aug. 7; Fats Navarro 1923, Sep. 24; K. Dorham 1924, Aug. 30; Bud Powell 1924, Sep. 27; Sahib Shihab 1925, Jun. 23; Benny Bailey 1925, Aug. 13;

Roy Haynes 1926, Mar. 13; R. Weston 1926, Apr. 6; Miles Davis 1926, May 26; Coltrane 1926, Sep. 23; Ray Brown 1926, Oct. 13; Elvin Jones 1927, Sep. 9; Griffin 1928, Apr. 24; C. Adderley 1928, Sep. 15]

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Kenny Clarke's compositions:

* A Z Blues
* Algerian Cynicism
* Blues Mood
* Cascade
* Cat Blues (Blues Kitten)
* Dimanche
* Don't Want Nothin' see I Don't ...
* Epistrophy (w. Thelonious Monk)
* Fire Drums
* I Don't Want Nothin' (w. Jimmy Woode) CBBB; Eddie Louiss Trio w. KC
* I'll Get You Yet
* Jay Jay Sahib Shihab and all those cats
* Klook Returns
* Klook's Report
* Laurent
* Love Me Pretty Baby
* Milk Shake CBBB
* No Smoking (not registered with SACEM)
* Nobody Knows
* On n'Enterre pas le Dimanche
* Rool 'Em Bags
* Rue Chaptal (Royal Roost) (w. Fats Navarro) CBBB (= Sonny Rollins: Tenor Madness)
* Salt Peanuts (w. Dizzy Gillespie) Massey Hall Concert
* Sonor Curtis Counce Group (authors: Wiggins - Clarke); CBBB; Black California Vol. 2 (Bob Porter says it's by Gerald Wiggins)
* Strollin'
* The Wildman see Wild Man
* Volcano CBBB
* Was It A Rose?
* Wild Man CBBB
Kenny Clarke Life and Sessions (1914 - 1939)

1914, Jan. 9 (or 2, see UD), born in Pittsburgh, PA.

1921 aet. 7 His mother died when he was "between the ages of five and seven" (UD 35). "I became interested in music very early because my mother was a pianist. I began taking piano lessons at the age of four. Unfortunately, my mother died when I was about seven, and I forgot all about music."

1923 aet. 9

1926 aet. 12 ? verläßt das Heim. Erste Träume von Frankreich. "I stopped going to church at twelve." UD 40. "At twelve, he started to play the snare drums in his school's marching band."

1928 aet. 14 (2 x 7) verläßt den Freund der Mutter (?)

1931 UD 41: "I was seventeen, Gene Jenkins is the one who taught me how to play." EC: A dix-sept ans (UD: he was eighteen), il entre dans le groupe de George Hornsby (AT: big band), qui lui apprend les bases du métier de musicien. C'est la meme année qu'il joue avec Jack Spruce au Loendi, club de Pittsburgh, aussi bien du vibraphone que de la batterie. - Cette conception révolutionnaire à laquelle il avait songé dès 1931 avec son frére Frank...

1932 aet. 18 (2 x 9) EC: Il rencontre Leroy Bradley qui le fait travailler dans son orchestre spécialisé dans l'accompagnement des spectacles de music-hall. Il reste plusieurs années, au court desquelles il parcourt tout le Middle West.

1933 Stanley Dance: The World of Swing p. 150: "Eldridge returned to Pittsburgh and helped his brother ... get a band together. 'It was called the Eldridge Brothers' Rhythm Team, and we had four saxophones, five trumpets and three trombones. Outside of my brother, the only guy I can now remember was Kenny Clarke on drums. The band lasted about six months. ...' " - MH p. 15: "Then Kenny left to return full-time to the Leroy Bradley band ... in which he remained until 1935."

1934, Jan. 14 ############ 20.

1935 aet. 21 (3 x 7) EC: Grace à Mary Lou Williams, il entre dans l'orchestre Jeter-Pillars à St. Louis, puis dans celui de Freddie Green - dont la section rythmique, avec Bobby Moore et son propre frère, Frank Clarke, à la contrebasse, est le modèle repris par Count Basie pour son big band.

1936 EC: Il part pour New York avec Carl Cobbs. - Git. p. 52, KC: "I arrived in New York during the winter of 1935, and at that time I was the youngest drummer in the city."

1937 EC: Edgar Hayes l'engage en 1937, et c'est avec lui qu'il enregistre pour la première fois. See MH!

1937, Mar. 9 Edgar Hayes and his Orch. 1937 - 1938 (CD w. fine photo of the rhythm section; kc played d and vibes with Hayes; see Schuller: Swing Era 420 ff., who calls kc's vibes-playing the link between Lionel Hampton and Milt Jackson).

1937, May 25 Edgar Hayes and his Orch. 1937 - 1938

1937, Jul. 27 Edgar Hayes and his Orch. 1937 - 1938

1937, Sep. 7 Edgar Hayes and his Orch. 1937 - 1938

1937, Oct. 11 Edgar Hayes and his Orch. 1937 - 1938

1938, Jan. 14 Edgar Hayes and his Orch. 1937 - 1938

1938, Jan. 14 + Feb. 17 Edgar Hayes and his Orch. (Harlem Jazz 1930 - 1951; sampler, MCA). KC first came to Europe w. the Edgar Hayes Blue Rhythm Band (Z). EC: Il accompagne l'orchestre dans sa tournée européenne et enregistre son premier disque sous son nom - au xylophone [Mar. 8, Stockholm: Kenny Clarke Kvintett; see MH]. Fin 1938, il entre dans l'orchestre de Teddy Hill (en meme temps que Dizzy Gillespie).

Class of 78: The Gift of Bebop (Internet): Kenny Clarke joined the Hill band in 1939 and he and Dizzy synched up from the start. Clarke was deep into experimenting with rhythms, breaking away from the standard 4/4 time with accents and superimposed rhythms. He also was inventive in developing a style of playing tunes on the drums, not just rhythm. Kenny started reading trumpet parts and could match their phrasing. Dizzy began reading drum parts and phrasing with them. It was a meeting of the musical minds and proved to be mutually rewarding, and would help the stage for later things at Minton's. - Git. p. 54, KC: "Jo Jones played long passages on the Charleston, but not with the cymbal. ... To play on the Charleston, you have to cross your arms. The left hand is then blocked." The "Charleston" is explained in a footnote by Ira Gitler as "Two syncopated notes, one falling on first beat of the bar and the other between the weak second beat and the strong third beat". But Kenny Clarke is of course speaking of the hi-hat, which was then called "charleston".

1939 Klook joined the band of his fellow Pittsburghian, Roy Eldridge, for engagements at the Arcadia Ballroom on Broadway and at Kelly's Stable on 52nd Street. See Klook 189 f.

1939 EC: Il se produit avec Claude Hopkins et Sidney Bechet, puis
Kenny Clarke Life and Sessions (1940-1949)

1940 avec Louis Armstrong et Billie Holiday et devient le batteur attitré de l'Apollo.

1940 KC: "Things began at Minton's in the terms of modern Jazz in the latter part of 1940..." The difference came after ex-bandleader Teddy Hill was installed as manager. "He asked me to bring in a band. Yes, even though he had fired me from his own band several years before because I was beginning to play modern drums!" (Horricks: Dizzy Gillespie and the Be-Bop Revolution). Die Hausband: KC, Monk, Joe Guy, Nick Fenton, später Gillespie und Charlie Christian. Sie ziehen Parker von Clark Monroe's Uptown House herüber. Mary Lou Williams: "Yes, Thelonious Monk, Charlie Christian, Kenny Clarke, Art Blakey and Idrees Sulieman were the first to play bop. Next were Parker, Gillespie and Clyde Hart." ("DU", Monk-Nr.). Blakey: "Monk is the guy who started it all; he came before both Parker and Gillespie." (Quoted in Nathan Davis: African American Music, p. 70).

1940, Feb. 5 Sidney Bechet And His New Orleans Feetwarmers (the Chicago sessions Sep. 6 have Baby Dodds): Indian Summer (Dubin - Herbert), One O'Clock Jump (William Basie), Preachin' The Blues (2 takes) (Bechet), Sidney's Blues (2 takes) (Bechet)

1940, May 15 Mildred Bailey and her orch.

1940, summer w. Sidney Bechet's quartet at the Log Cabin in Fonda, New York.

1940, Sep. 12 Billie Holiday and her orch.; I Hear Music on: A Portrait of Billie Holiday

1941 aet. 27 (3 x 9) EC: Année capitale pour sa carrière. Il enregistre avec le big band de Basie, et, surtout, joue au Minton's (...). Il y rencontre la chanteuse Carmen McRae, dont il sera le premier mari.

JL: In 1941, Clarke got his first big break when Sid Catlett left the Louie Armstrong Orchestra and he was given the job. Satchmo and Clarke got along well but a disagreement with the Orchestra's manager forced Clarke to leave the band after a short period.

1941 Sweets, Lips & Lots Of Jazz (Sampler, Xanadu)

1941, Mar. 11 Slim And Slam Vol. 3 (Tax m-8044)

1941, Mar. 21 Eddie Heywood and his orch. (Rare And Unissued Recordings From The Golden Years, Vol 2; Queen-Disc 065). MH: Billie Holiday w. Eddie Heywood and his orch. Let's Do It / Romance In The Dark on: A Portrait of Billie Holiday; Georgia On My Mind / All Of Me on: The Lady Sings The Blues (Sampler); Let's Do It / All Of Me on: Billy Holiday: The Man I Love (History; from Israel)

1941 May 1 Buddy Johnson (see MH)

1941, May 12 Minton's Playhouse All Stars (Charlie Christian 1941 Live Sessions)

1941, May Live Sessions At Minton's Playhouse (Charlie Christian All Stars, Dizzy Gillespie Quartet & Quintet)

1941, May Don Byas Quintet: Live At Minton's

1941, May 21 Count Basie Orch. (see MH). Count Basie a. h. Orch. 1941: You Betcha My Life (Dennis-Dennis); Down, Down, Down (Don Redman). kc replaces Jones and sounds good, though a little shy, at least if compared with the more robust Jo Jones.

1941, Jul. 10 Jelly Roll Morton died in Los Angeles hospital. Downbeat Aug. 1, 1941: "Notably absent from the funeral ... were two of the most successful Negro bandleaders of the day, Duke Ellington and Jimmy Lunceford." (who were in town)

1941, Oct. 6 Ella Fitzgerald (see MH). Ella Fitzgerald (vcl)acc by Teddy McRae (ts)Tommy Fulford (p)Ulysses Livingston (g)Beverley Peer(b)Kenny Clarke (d)

New York,October 6,1941

69784-A Jim De 4007,Coral (G)6.22178,PC07666

69785-A This love of mine -,-

1942, Jul 31 aet. 28 (4 x 7) The recording ban by the musicians' union begins. It lasts till Nov. 11, 1944.

1943 - 46 EC: Il est mobilisé et, à l'armée, joue du trombone.

JL: Kenny Clarke was drafted into the Army in mid-1943. He hated it to the point that we went AWOL for 107 days. He returned to serve out his time and returned to New York in 1946. By this time, he had converted to Islam and taken the name Liaquat Ali Salaam.

1944, Jan. 14 ############ 30.

1945 "In the Army John Lewis befriended Kenny Clarke, a prominent Bebop drummer. After the war, in 1945 [recte: 1946], Clarke introduced Lewis into the Dizzy Gillespie Band as arranger and pianist. (Lewis also started at the Manhattan School of Music. He included voice lessons in his curriculum and completed two degrees, developing a special interest in Renaissance and Baroc music (counterpoint). Through Clarke, Lewis joined the nine piece Miles Davis Capitol recording group in 1949. The Rhythm section of this group became the nucleus from which in 1952 the Modern Jazz Quartet was formed. The Modern Jazz Quartet consisted of : John Lewis, piano - Milt Jackson, vibraphone - Percy Heath, bass - Kenny Clarke, drums. In 1955 Clarke was replaced by the quieter and more appropriate drummer Connie Kay. Initially known as the Milt Jackson Quartet, John Lewis soon took over the leadership of the group and the name was changed to the Modern Jazz Quartet (MJQ))." John Lewis discogr. - Horricks: "In fact he (D.G.) first organized such a (big) band in 1945..." - Berendt (Nathan Davis: 2 Originals): kc "had come to Munich during the last year of the war to work as a truck driver." AT quotes kc as "coming home in 1945". It was in the beginning of 1946.

1946 After a three-year spell in the army, which brought him back to Paris, he returned to New York, sort of disgusted with everything... "I didn't feel like playing. Dizzy talked me into playing again." (Z) In 1946 Baby Dodds recorded "Drum Improvisations", unaccompanied drum solos.

1946 EC: Il rencontre Dave Burns, James Moody, accompagne Billie Holiday et Sarah Vaughan. Il entre dans l'orchestre de Dizzy Gillespie et enregistre beaucoup avec lui. - UD 63: In 1946 he officially changed his name to Liaquat Ali Salaam.

1946, Apr. 9 Billie Holiday w. the Billy Kyle Quintet (Billie Holiday Vol. 1 + 3, MCA)

1946, May 7 Sarah Vaughan: The Early Years. MH: Sarah Vaughan w. orch. under the direction of Tadd Dameron. On: Sarah Vaughan: Sassy. Sarah Vaughan and Orch. under the direction of Tadd Dameron. I Could Make You Love Me / My Kinda Love / You're Not The Kind.

1946, May 15 Dizzy Gillespie Sextet: In The Beginning / Small Groups

1946, Jun. / Jul. "The Legendary Dizzy Gillespie Big Band - Live 1946." Bandstand BDCD 1534. Our Delight; Ray's Idea; Cool Breeze; 'Round Midnight; Oo-Bop-Shbam; One Bass Hit; The Man I Love (see Schlouch: Dorham); Groovin' High; Things to Come; Second Balcony Jump; Unknown Title; (June/July 1946 - Spotlite Club. N.Y.). Orchestra includes Dizzy Gillespie, Ray Brown, Kenny Clarke, Milt Jackson, Kenny Dorham, Sonny Stitt and Leo Parker as well as Thelonious Monk on piano. Other tracks on this CD have John Lewis replacing Monk: Ow! (Oct. 16, 1946); I Waited For You; Emanon (Nov. 12, 1946).

1946, Jun. 10 Dizzy Gillespie & His Orch.: Our Delight (Tadd Dameron), Good Dues Blues

1946 Jun. 18 Dizzy Gillespie orch. broadcast at the Spotlite Club (see MH).

1946, Jul. 6 Dizzy Gillespie orch. broadcast at the Spotlite Club

1946, Jul. 9 Dizzy Gillespie & His Orch.: Ray's Idea (Brown - Fuller), Things To Come (Fuller - Gillespie), He Beeped When He Shoulda Bopped, One Bass Hit Part 2

1946, Aug. 23 Memorial / Fats Navarro (auch als Opus de Bop)

1946, Aug. 23 Kenny Dorham Quintet (The Bebop Boys, Savoy) (K.D. The Complete Savoy Recordings) The afternoon session with kc, the morning session w. Wallace Bishop.

1946, Sep. 4 Sonny Stitt All Stars (Be-Bop Boys) (Fats Navarro Memorial)

1946, Sep. 5 kc and His 52nd Street Boys

1946, Sep. 6 The Be-Bop Boys / Fats Navarro / Gil Fuller's Modernists (Memorial / Fats Navarro)

1946, Oct. 16 "The Legendary Dizzy Gillespie Big Band - Live 1946." Rec. live at the Royal Roost: Ow!

1946, Nov. 12 "The Legendary Dizzy Gillespie Big Band - Live 1946." Rec. live N.Y. City: I Waited For You, Emanon.

1947, Jul. 2 Sister Rosetta Tharpe: Gospel Train

1947, Jul. Tadd Dameron And His Band (Fats Navarro Memorial); Fats Blows

1947, Jul. 16 Cousin Joe With The Sammy Price Quartet: Cousin Joe From New Orleans In His Prime

1947, Aug. 22 (K.C. or Joe Harris, d!) Dizzy Gillespie & His Orch.: Oop-Pop-A-Da (Gillespie - J. Brown), Two Bass Hit (Gillespie - John Lewis), Stay On It (Gillespie - Dameron), Ow! (Gillespie)

1947, Aug. 27 Kenny Hagood With John Lewis' Orch. (The Bebop Boys, Savoy)

1947. Sep. 29 -It happened one night-:Ella Fitzgerald (vcl)acc by Dizzy Gillespie,Dave Burns,Elmon Wright,Ray Orr,Matthew McKay (tp)Taswell Baird,Bill Shepherd (tb)Howard Johnson,John Brown (as)James Moody (ts)orBig Nick Nicholas,Joe Gales (ts)Cecil Payne (bar)John Lewis (p)Al McKibbon (b)Kenny Clarke (d)Chano Pozo (cga)

"Carnegie Hall",New York,September 29,1947

Almost like being in love Natural Organic 7000

Stairway to the stars -

Lover man -

Flyin'home -

Lady be good -

How high the moon -

1947, Oct. 28 Memorial / Fats Navarro ; Dexter Gordon/Fats Navarro

1947, Dec. 22 Dizzy Gillespie & His Orch.: Algo Bueno (Woody 'n You) (Gillespie), Cool Breeze (Gillespie - Dameron), Cubana Be - Cubana Bop (Gillespie - George Russell),

1947, Dec. 29 Sarah Vaughan w. the Jimmy Jones Quartet (Tenderly; Sampler); Sarah Vaughan: Sassy. Once In A While.

1947, Dec. 30 Dizzy Gillespie & His Orch.: Ool-Ya-Koo (Gillespie - G. Fuller), Manteca (Gillespie - C.P. Gonzales), Good Bait (Dameron - C. Basie), Minor Walk (arr. Linton Garner)

1948, Feb. 2 Stockholm, Dizzy Gillespie Big Band

1948, Feb. 28 Dizzy Gillespie: Pleyel 48. kc: "Highlight of my musical experience." UD 50

1948, Mar. 2 - 1950, Oct. 9 The Paris Bebop Sessions (w. B. Bailey)

1948 EC: Au club St. Germain avec Boris Vian

1948, May 5 Claude Dunson (tp)Michel de Villers (as)Jean-Claude Fohrenbach (ts)Jack Denjean (p)HarryMontaggioni (g)Alf Masselier (b)Kenny Clarke (d)

Paris,May 5,1948

OSW526 Working eyes (unissued)

OSW527-1 Stuffy Swing (F)282

OSW528-1 The man I love (1)-

Note :(1)Jean-Claude Fohrenbach +rhythm only.

1948, Aug. 28 - Sep. 4 Tadd Dameron, broadcast at the Royal Roost. Tadd Dameron & Fats Navarro Live at the Birdland 1949 (!)

1948, Sep. 13 Fats Blows / Prime Source / The Fabulous Fats Navarro Vol. 1 & 2; Dexter Gordon/Fats Navarro

1948, Oct. 11 Fats Blows / Prime Source / The Fabulous Fats Navarro Vol. 1 & 2

1948, Oct. 11 Howard McGhee/Fats Navarro Boptet : Howard McGhee (tp,p-1) Fats Navarro (tp) Ernie Henry (as) Milt Jackson(vib-2,p-3) Curly Russell (b) Kenny Clarke (d)

New York, October 11, 1948

BN336-0 The skunk (3) (unissued)

BN336-1 The skunk (alt take)(3) Blue Note BLP1532, LA507-H2, (Jap)

BNJ-61008/10, CDP7.81532-2, 833373-2

BN337 Boperation (1,2,3)(alt take)(unissued)

BN337-0 Boperation (1,2,3) -

BN337-1 Boperation (1,2,3) Blue Note 558, BLP5012, BLP1532, LA507-H2, (Jap)K18P-9274, CDP7.81532-2, 833373-2

BN337-2 Boperation Blue Note 833373-2

BN336-2 The skunk (3)(unissued)

BN336-3 The skunk (3) Blue Note 558, BLP5012, BNJ61008/10, (Du)1A158-83385/8, (Jap)K18P-9274, CDP7.81532-2, 833373-2

BN338-0 Double talk pt 1 & 2 Blue Note 557, BLP5004, BLP1531, LA507-H2, Vogue (E)EPV1105, 833373-2 CDP7.81532-2

BN339-0 Double talk pt 1 & 2 (alt take)(3) Blue Note BLP1532, LA507-H2, 833373-

2, CDP7.81532-2

BN336-4 The skunk (3)(unissued)

Note : Blue Note BLP5012 entitled "Howard McGhee" = (Jap)BN-0006. Blue Note CDP7.81532-2 as "The Fabulous Fats Navarro, Vol. 2", rest see Fats Navarro. Blue Note 833373-2 as "Fats Navarro and Tadd Dameron –The complete Blue Note and Capitol Recordings", rest of this 2 CD set see Tadd Dameron, Bud Powell and Benny Goodman. Blue Note (Jap)BNJ-61008/10 as "The other side of Blue Note 1500 series ", rest of this 3 LP set by other artists.

1949, Jan. 18 aet. 35 (5 x 7) Fats Blows; Dexter Gordon/Fats Navarro

1949, Jan. 25 Milt Jackson - KC Sextet: Bluesology (w. Dorham, Julius Watkins, Billy Mitchell, Curly Russell) (K.D. The Complete Savoy Recordings)

1949, Apr. 20 Tadd Dameron. Affinity AFF 149 (see MH p. 279)

1949, Apr. 22 Miles Davis: Birth Of The Cool: Venus De Milo (Gerry Mulligan), Boplicity (Cleo Henry), Israel (Johnny Carisi), Rouge (John Lewis)

1949, May 8-11 Miles Davis and the Tadd Dameron Quintet

1949 EC: Il fait la connaissance de Darius Milhaud.

1949 André Hodeir: Musique de films (awful; wasted musicians; liner notes 1998 by H.; awful! See his critique of Ellington! He did not understand a thing.)

1949 - 51 EC: Freelance, il joue souvent avec l'un de ses contrebassistes préférés: Pierre Michelot.

1949, Oct. 20 Sidney Bechet Quartet (SB: La Musique C'Est Ma Vie); SB and his All Stars (SB, Vogue)

1949, Oct. 29 Nat Peck (tb)Hubert Fol (as,arr)Bernard Peiffer (p)Jean Bouchety (b)Kenny Clarke (d)

Paris,October 29,1949

OSW631-1 Love in the sun Swing (F)330,Jazz Time (F)60 (CD)

OSW632-1 Lambic pentameter (F)325,Pathé (F)C054-16029

OSW633-1 Assy pan assy (F)330,Jazz Time (F)60 (CD)

OSW634-1 Robbins nest (F)325,-,Pathé (F)CO54-16029

1949, Dec. 21 Coleman Hawkins: The Hawk Flies. Milestone M-47015 2LP. Paris: Nat Peck tb, Hubert Fol as, Jean-Paul Mengeon p, Pierre Michelot b, kc d. Sih-Sah (Hawkins-Moody), Bay-U-Bah (Dameron-Hawkins), Sophisticated Lady (Ellington-Mills), Beans's Talking Again (Hawkins). - The sound of these combo arrangements is as modern as that of the much later clarke-boland groups - and very similar!
Kenny Clarke Life and Sessions (1950-1959)

1950, Mar. 3 Hubert Fol (as,ts-1)Raymond Fol (p)Pierre Michelot (b)Kenny Clarke (d)Paris,March 3,1950

OSW658 This Fol-ish thing (unissued)

OSW658-1 These foolish things Swing (F)339

OSW660-1 Those Fol-ish things -

OSW661-1 Out of nowhere (1)(F)344

1950, Jun. 14 aet. 36 (4 x 9) Roy Eldridge: Little Jazz Special / Roy Eldridge in Paris

1950, Jun. 26 Zoot Sims Quartet (w. G. Wiggins & P. Michelot) CD BMG Original Vogue Masters

1950, Oct. 9 The Paris Bebop Sessions

1950, Nov. 26 Charlie Parker comes to Paris and stays with Annie and kc for 3 weeks.

1950, Dec. 24 "Toby", son of Annie Ross and kc, is born.

1951, Mar. 12 Charlie Parker: The Verve Years 1950-51 / Swedish Schnapps

1951, Aug. Place: Lenny Tristano's House, New York. Group: Charlie Parker, Lennie Tristano (p), Kenny Clarke (brushes on paper). Recording: Private tape. Primary Source: Charlie Parker: Bird's Eyes. CD Philology Volume 1/4 (W 5/18-2), Royal CD RJD 505. 1. All of Me (3:17). 2. I Can't Believe that You're in Love with Me (4:23). Note: These two items were released relatively recently; they were included in the movie Bird.

1951, Aug. 8 Charlie Parker 1945-1954 / Swedish Schnapps / The Verve Years / Bird On Verve Vol. 6: South Of The Border

Date: August 8, 1951 Place: Possibly RCA 24th Street Studios, New York Group: Charlie Parker and His Orchestra with Red Rodney (tpt), John Lewis (p), Ray Brown (b), Kenny Clarke (d). Recording: Commercial for Mercury Records. Primary Source: CD Verve box, disc 6

1. Blues for Alice (2:46)

2. Si Si (2:38)

3. Swedish Schnapps III-alt (3:13) CT

4. Swedish Schnapps IV (3:10) MT

5. Back Home Blues I-alt (2:35) CT

6. Back Home Blues II (2:46) MT

7. Lover Man (3:21)

1951, Aug. 24 Milt Jackson: First Recordings (EC: C'est en 1951 qu'il entre dans le Milt Jackson Quartet qui devient le MJQ, Ray Brown laissant sa place à Percy Heath.)

1951, Sep. 18 Milt Jackson: First Recordings

1951, Oct. 12 Sonny Criss w. the JATP All Stars: Intermission Riff

1951, Dec. 17 Sonny Rollins Quartet: First Recordings

1952 Mary Lou Williams had her "dream band" with Oscar Pettiford and Kenny Clarke. It was not recorded. Cf. Dahl p. 220.

1952, Feb. 21 and 28 Ben Webster 5 (w. "mjq", Birdland)

1952, Apr. Milt Jackson: First Recordings

1952, May 9 Miles Davis Vol. 1 & 2 (Blue Note); with Oscar Pettiford and Kenny Clarke.

1952, Nov. 1 Charlie Parker w. the Milt Jackson Quartet (The Bird Flies Deep, Atlantis)

Date: November 1, 1952. Place: Birdland, New York. Group: Charlie Parker with the Modern Jazz Quartet: Milt Jackson (vb), John Lewis (p), Percy Heath (b), Kenny Clarke (d)

Recording: Unknown radio broadcast. Primary Source: CD Bird Box Volume 14

1. How High the Moon (5:22)

2. Embraceable You into

3. 52nd Street Theme (3:28)

1952, Dec. 22 MJQ: Jazz Classics (first recording session).

1953, Feb. 21

Date: February 21, 1953. Place: Howard Theater, Washington, D.C. Group: Charlie Parker Quartet with John Lewis (p), Curley Russell (b), Kenny Clarke (d). Recording: Private tape

Primary Source: LP VGM 0009; CD Philology Volume 18 (W 848.2)

1. Out of Nowhere (4:56)

2. Ornithology (4:39) (head missing)

3. Anthropology (5:21)

Note: Poor fidelity (levels too high).

1953, May 9 Charlie Parker Quartet / Quintet (Summit Meeting At Birdland)

Date: May 9, 1953. Place: Birdland, New York Group: Charlie Parker Quartet with John Lewis (p), Curley Russell (b), Kenny Clarke (d). Recording: Radio broadcast. Primary Source: CD Bird Box Volume 16

- Announcement, Bob Garrity asks Parker about his plastic alto,


1. Cool Blues (4:28)

- Announcement, Garrity introduces the band into

2. Star Eyes (5:19)

3. Moose the Mooche into

4. Lullaby of Birdland (6:00)

5. Broadway into

6. Lullaby of Birdland (3:34)

1953, Jun. 22 The Eminent J. J. Johnson Vol. 1 & 2 (Blue Note)

1953, Jun. 25 MJQ: Jazz Classics

1953, Jul. 20 Jackie Paris with Tony Scott and his Orchestra. Brunswick 80237, Coral 61201 (vinyl) w/ Wendell Culley, Reunald Jones, Joe Newman, Idrees Sulieman-tp; Bennie Green-tb; Tony Scott-cl; Charlie Fowlkes, Cecil Payne-bs; Dick Katz-p; Freddie Green-g; Milt Hinton-b; Kenny Clarke-dr; Jackie Paris-voc. New York, 7/20/53.

1953, Sep. 22 Location: Storyville, Boston, MA. ldr - Charlie Parker; as - Charlie Parker; t - Herb Pomeroy; b - Jimmy Woode; p - Sir Charles Thompson; d - Kenny Clarke

Cool Blues - 04:44; Dancing On The Ceiling - 02:29; Don't Blame Me - 04:58; Groovin' High - 05:04; Now's The Time - 04:11. Blue Note LP 12": BT85108 - Charlie Parker At Storyville. The session was broadcast on WHDH (announcer was John McLellan)

1953, Oct. 7 Sonny Rollins And The MJQ: First Recordings

1953, Oct. 27 Janet Thurlow w. the Charles Mingus Octet (Autobiography In Jazz, OJC 115)

1953, Sep. 19 + 24 King Pleasure w. the John Lewis Trio and the Dave Lambert Singers (Sampler: Annie Ross & King Pleasure Sings; Prestige / OJC)

1953, Dec. 15 Kenny Dorham Quintet Debut DLP-9

1954, Jan. 14 ############ 40.

1954 EC: Il quitte le MJQ pour se consacrer au travail de studio. A & R man chez Savoy.

1954 - 55 KC: Telefunken Blues

1954, Jan. 20 Art Farmer: Farmer's Market / Early Art

-Art Farmer Quintet-:Art Farmer's New Jazz Stars :Art Farmer (tp)Sonny Rollins (ts)Horace Silver(p)Percy Heath (b)Kenny Clarke (d)

Hackensack,N.J.,January 20,1954

552 Wisteria (sr out)Prest LP177,PR7665,P24032

553 Soft shoe -,-,-

554 Confab in tempo -,-,-

555 I'll take romance -,-,-

Note :Prestige PR7665 =New Jazz LP8258 both entitled "Early Art".

1954, Apr. 30 Phil Urso Quartet (Brothers And Other Mothers, Vol. 2)

1954, May 5 -New faces,new sounds-:Frank Foster Quintet :Benny Powell (tb)Frank Foster (ts)Gildo Mahones (p)Percy Heath (b)Kenny Clarke (d)

Hackensack,N.J.,May 5,1954

BN560-2 Little Red Blue Note BLP5043,(Jap)BN-0013

BN561-4 Gracias -,-

BN562-0 How I spent the night -,-

BN562-1 How I spent the night (alt take)(unissued)

BN563-1 Blues for Benny -,-

BN564-0 The heat's on -,-

BN565-0 Out of nowhere -,-

Note :For a session of October 4,1955 see under Elmo Hope.

Entire session on Blue Note 95750-2,rest see George Wallington.

1954, May 19 Art Farmer - Gigi Gryce Quintet: When Farmer Met Gryce / Art Farmer: Farmer's Market

Hackensack,N.J.,May 19,1954

574 A night at Tony's Prest LP7085,P24032,(It)HB6153

575 Blue concept -,-,-

576 Deltitnu -

577 Stupendous-Lee -

Note :Entire session also on Prest (Jap)VDJ-1637,(Jap)SMJ-6544M and OJC 072 and CD072.Prestige

P24032 entitled "Farmer's market".

-Art Farmer Septet-:Art Farmer (tp)Jimmy Cleveland (tb)Charlie Rouse (ts)Danny Bank (bar)Horace

Silver (p)Percy Heath (b)Kenny Clarke (d)

Hackensack,N.J.,June 7,1954

582 Evening in Paris (*)Prest LP7031,P24032,OJC 054

583 Wildwood -,-,-

584 Elephant walk (*)-,-,-

585 Tiajuana -,-

1954, Jun. 7 -When Farmer met Gryce-:Art Farmer Quintet :Art Farmer (tp)Gigi Gryce (as)Horace Silver (p)Percy Heath (b)Kenny Clarke (d)

1954, Jun. 16 The Complete Milt Jackson. Prestige bellaphon BJS 40143

1954, Jun. 29 Miles Davis: Oleo / M.D. and the Modern Jazz Giants: Bags Groove

1954, summer George Wallington And His Band: The Beginning And End Of Bop (w. Pettiford, Cleveland, Dave Burns, Foster!)

1954, Aug. 1 The Fabulous Thad Jones

1954, Aug. 24 + 26 J. J. Johnson - Kai Winding Quintet: Mad Bebop (2 LP)

1954, Sep. 24 The Eminent J. J. Johnson Vol. 1 & 2 (Blue Note)

1954, Sep. 25 Date: September 25, 1954. Place: Carnegie Hall, New York. Group: Charlie Parker Quartet with John Lewis (p), Percy Heath (b), Kenny Clarke (d). Recording: Concert recorded for Roulette Records. Primary Source: CD Bird Box Volume 18

1. The Song is You (4:20)

2. My Funny Valentine (2:00)

3. Cool Blues (2:45)

1954, Oct. 6 Carmen McRae With The Mat Mathews Quintet: Easy To Love

-Carmen McRae- : Carmen McRae (vcl) acc by Herbie Mann (fl,ts) Mat Mathews (accor) Mundell Lowe (g) Wendell Marshall (b) Kenny Clarke (d)

New York, October 6, 1954

You'd be so easy to love (*) Bethlehem BCP6006, BCP1023, 20-30162 (CD), London (E)RE-N1094

If I'm lucky Bethlehem 11009, BCP1023, BCP6006, 20-30162 (CD), London (E)RE-N1094


Old devil moon (*) Venus 101, Bethlehem BCP1023, BCP 6041, BET6020-2 (CD), 20-30162 (CD)

Old devil moon (alt stereo take) Bethlehem 20-30162 (CD) V302

Tip toe gently (*) Venus 101, Bethlehem 11009, BCP6006, BCP1023, 20-30162 (CD) London (E)RE-N1094

Note : Entire session except alt take on London (E)EZ-N19016, Bethlehem (Jap)COJY-9134, (Jap)COJY-9134, (Jap)COCY-6495 (CD), (Jap)COCY-9923 (CD). Bethlehem BET6020-2 (CD) entitled "Nina Simone and her friends" rest of this CD see December 54 and Nina Simone, Chris Connor. Bethlehem 20-30162 as "Carmen McRae with Mat Mathews and Tony Scott Quartets', rest see December 54. Entire session on Affinity (E)AFF97 as "I hear music-Chris Connor & Carmen McRae", rest see December 54 and Chris Connor. Bethlehem BCP6004 as "The finest of Carmen McRae", rest see December 54. (*) These are On Charly (E)CD97 with wrong year 55 given and first title as "Easy to love".

1954, Oct. 31 Charles Mingus Jazz Workshop (Jazz Composers Workshop, Savoy)

1954, Nov. 1 KC All Stars. On: Black California Vol. 2. Savoy (Jap.) SV-0274

1954, Nov. 8 Coleman Hawkins, Masters of Jazz Vol. 12

1954, Dec. 23 MJQ: Jazz Classics

1954, Dec. 24 Miles Davis All Stars / M.D. and the Modern Jazz Giants: Bags Groove. This session has the regular Monk quartet of the time, with Bags, Percy Heath, Klook (cf. MJQ!). The interplay with Bags gave Monk lots of opportunities of bending his pitch. Seems that this unit never recorded on it's own. Monk did record with Bags in 1948 (Epistrophy, Evidence, Misterioso) and 1951 (Ask Me Now, Criss Cross, Straight No Chaser); the results are beyond category and, of course, quite different from any work of John Lewis with Bags. I take it as another hint at the a la mode posing of the MJQ (self-labeling is posing).

JL: The response to the MJQ was favorable but in 1955 Clarke quit because of artistic differences with the other members.

in 1955 Z: Clarke knew something was seriously wrong, when he found himself hiding from Miles Davis, who was offering him work... "Miles knocked on my door, so I told the little girl I was with to tell him I'm out. He just kept knocking, said 'Klook, Klook, I know you're in there.' I just didn't feel like going to that gig. I'd been recording for Savoy Records almost every day. I was tired, man." One evening in 1955: "I told (Michel Legrand) how tired I was of New York."

in 1955 Schuller and Lewis founded the Jazz and Classical Music Society, "which presented concerts of music written by both classical and jazz composers. One of the outcroppings from this society was a Columbia recording, Music for Brass, which contained various compositions by Schuller, Lewis, Giuffre and J.J. Johnson as performed by musicians from across the spectrum like Miles Davis, Schuller himself, and New York Philharmonic conductor Dimitri Mitropoulos." AMG: Schuller

1955, Jan. 9 MJQ: Jazz Classics (the next session from 1955, Jul. 2 has Connie Kay on dr.)

1955, Jan. 13 Bud Powell Verve Session 11 (Trio, w. P. Heath)

1955, Jan. 30 Charles Mingus Quartet: Jazz Workshop

1955, Jan. 30 Wally Cirillo Quartet (Jazz Composers Workshop, Savoy)

1955, Jan. 30 John Mehegan Trio. 1.Blues Too Much 2.Thou Swell 3.The Boy Next Door 4.Cherokee (Noble). Personnel John Mehegan (p); Charles Mingus (b); Kenny Clarke (d) Date and place January 30, 1955, Hackensack, New Jersey Originally issued as Savoy XP8130, MG15054.

1955, Feb. 7 KC All Stars

1955, Mar. 7 Do It Yourself Jazz Vol. 1 - Duke Jordan / Hall Overton (reissued on Savoy SV-0130), originally a play-along recording under the Jazz Laboratory banner, a compilation of standards and originals featuring two different quartets in which Gryce plays in the first group led by Duke Jordan, incl. Sometimes I'm Happy, Embraceable You, Jordu, Oh Yeah ; with Duke Jordan (p), Gryce (as), Oscar Pettiford (b) and Kenny Clarke (dr).

1955, Mar. 7 Gigi Gryce - Duke Jordan Quartet: Signals

1955, Mar. 12 Charlie Parker died, aet. 34.

1955, Mar. 30 Ernie Wilkins - Kenny Clarke Septet (Now's The Time: unaccompanied drum solo, 5 choruses)

1955, May 27 Ralph Sharon All Star Sextet. 1. Manhattan 2. Two Sleepy People 3. Have You Met Miss Jones? 4. Man On The Couch 5. Just Because We're Kids 6. Darn That Dream 7. Mood For Mitch 8. There's A Small Hotel 9. Love Walked In 10. Can't Get Out Of This Mood 11. Plutocrat At The Automat 12. Slightly Oliver. Personnel J.R. Monterose (as, ts); Teddy Charles (vib); Ralph Sharon (p); Joe Puma (g); Charles Mingus (b); Kenny Clarke (d). Date and place May 27, 1955, New York City. Originally issued as London LL1488

1955, May 31 Eddie Bert: Musician Of The Year

1955, Jun. 6 The Eminent J. J. Johnson Vol. 1 & 2 (Blue Note)

1955, Jun. 14 Lee Konitz & Warne Marsh (w. Pettiford)

1955, Jun. 14 -By special request- : Carmen McRae (vcl,p-2) acc by Dick Katz (p) Billy Strayhorn (p-1) Mundell Lowe (g)Wendell Marshall (b) Kenny Clarke (d)

New York, June 14, 1955

88140 Just one of those things De DL8173

88141 Sometimes I'm happy -

88142 Something to live for (cmr + 1 & wm only) - , GRD647 (CD), 26472, MCA 2-4111

88143 Love is here to stay De DL8173, MCA 2-4111

88144 I can't get started -

88145 This will make you laugh -

88146 Supper time (2 + ml only) - , -

Note: GRP 26472 = De GRD647 see previous note. MCA 2-4111 entitled "The greatest of Carmen McRae" see also following sessions for this 2 LP set. Decca GRD610 (CD) as "Here to stay" see June 55 & No- vember 59 for rest of this CD.

1955, Jun. 15 Gene Ammons: Juganthology / All Star Sessions

1955, Jun. 16 Carmen McRae (vcl) acc by Herbie Mann (fl) Mat Mathews (accor) Dick Katz (p) Mundell Lowe (g) Wendell Marshall (b) Kenny Clarke (d)

New York, June 16, 1955

88147 My one and only love De DL8173, GRD610 (CD)

88148 Yardbird suite - , - , MCA 2-4111

88149 Give me the simple life -

88150 I'll remember April - , -

88151 You took advantage of me - , ED2281, GRD631 (CD) MCA 2-4111

Note : Entire session on Brunswick (E)LAT8104, Decca (Jap)MVCM-270 (CD), MCA (Jap)MCA-3053, (Jap)MVJJ-30069 and (Jap)25P2-2824 (CD). Decca GRD631 (CD) = MCA GRP16312 both entitled "Sings great American songwriters", rest of these issues see following sessions.

1955, Jun. 21 Lee Konitz & Warne Marsh (w. Pettiford)

1955, Jun. 26 - Jul. 26 Bohemia After Dark

1955, Jul. 14 Cannonball Adderley Quintet

-Bohemia after dark- : Nat Adderley (cnt) Cannonball Adderley (as) Hank Jones (p) Paul Chambers (b) Kenny Clarke (d)

New York, July 14, 1955

SJA6987 Spontaneous combustion (1)(*) Savoy MG12018, SJL2206, (Jap)SV-0108

Spontaneous combustion (false start) SJL1195, (F)W71407

Spontaneous combustion (false start) - , -

SJA6988 Still talkin' to ya (*) MG12018, SJL2206, (Jap)SV-0108

SJA6989 A little taste (*) - , - ,(F)650138, (Jap)SV-0108

A little taste (alt take) Savoy SJL1195, (F)W71407

SJA6990 Carribean cutie (*) MG12018, SJL2206, (Jap)SV-0108

Carribean cutie (alt take 1) SJL1195, (F)W71407

SJA6992 Flamingo (na out)(*) MG12018, SJL2206, (F)650138

Note : (1) On Byg (F)529107 as "The beginning". For one more title of the above session see under Nat Adderley. (*) Also on Jazz Door JD1212. Savoy MG12018 & SJL1195 entitled "Discoveries".

1955, Jul. 14 Nat Adderley (cnt) Hank Jones (p) Paul Chambers (b) Kenny Clarke (d)

New York, July 14, 1955

SJA6993 We'll be together again Savoy MG12017, SJL2206

Note : Savoy MG12017 entitled "Bohemia after dark", Savoy SJL2206 entitled "Spontaneous combustion".

1955, Jul. 21 Julian "Cannonball" Adderley

1955, Jul. 21 -Julian "Cannonball" Adderley- : Nat Adderley (cnt) Jimmy Cleveland (tb) Julian "Cannonball" Adderley (as) Jerome Richardson (ts,fl) Cecil Payne (bar) John Williams (p) Paul Chambers (b) Kenny Clarke (d) Quincy Jones (arr)

New York, July 21, 1955

11957 The song is you EmArcy MG36043, (E)EJL102, Verve 522651

11958 Cynthia's in love EmArcy MG36043, (E)EJL102, Verve 522651

11959 Hurricane Connie EmArcy MG36043, (E)EJL102, 842930-2, (Jap)EJD-1013

11960 Purple shades EmArcy MG36043, (E)EJL102

1955, Jul. 21 and 27 Thelonious Monk Plays Duke Ellington

1955, Jul. 29 Nat Adderley (cnt) Jay Jay Johnson (tb) Cannonball Adderley (as) Jerome Richardson (ts,bar,fl) Cecil Payne (bar) John Williams (p) Paul Chambers (b) Kenny Clarke (d)

New York, July 29, 1955

11961 Cannonball EmArcy MG36043, (E)EJL102, 842930-2, Merc (Jap)EJD-1013

11962 Nat's everglade EmArcy MG36043, (E)EJL102

11963 You'd be so nice to come home to - , - ,842930-2 Merc (Jap)EJD-1013, Verve 522651-2

1955, Jul. 26 Bohemia After Dark

1955, Jul. 26 Nat Adderley Quintet: That's Nat

-That's Nat- : Nat Adderley (cnt) Jerome Richardson (ts,fl) Hank Jones (p) Wendell Marshall (b) Kenny Clarke (d)

New York, July 26, 1955

SNA69001 Porky pork Savoy MG12021, SJL1128

SNA69002 Buzzin's buzzin - , -

SNA69003 Big "E" - , -

SNA69004 Ann springs - , -

SNA69005 I married an angel - , -

SNA69006 You better go now - , -

Note: Savoy MG12021 = Savoy (F)650138CD = Denon (Jap)SV-0146.

1955, Jul. 27 Thelonious Monk Plays Duke Ellington

1955, Jul. 29 Julian "Cannonball" Adderley

1955, Sep. 27 Chuz Alfred: Jazz youngblood- : Ole Hanson (tb) Chuz Alfred (ts) Chuck Lee (p) Vinnie Burke (b) Kenny Clarke (d)

New York, September 27, 1955

A message from home Savoy MG12030, (Jap)SV0211

Manta wray - , -

I can't get started - , -

Harlequin - , -

Love comes to Mehitabel Brown - , -

Chuz duz -

1955, Sep. 29 Donald Byrd Quintet: Long Green - The Savoy Sessions

1955, Oct. 12 Urbie Green Quintet: Blues And Other Shades Of Green

1955, Oct. 22 Gigi Gryce Orch.: Signals

1955, Oct. 28 Milt Jackson Quintet: Opus De Jazz

1956 Bob Stewart Sings with the Mat Mathews' Quintet. Dawn 1103 / Dawn DCD 112. Not in MH (cf. 1956 Mat Mathews. Dawn 1104)

1956, Jan. 19 aet. 42 (6 x 7) Joe Wilder: Wilder 'n Wilder

1956, Feb. 6 Klook's Clique

1956, Feb. 8 Hank Mobley: Hard Bop

1956, Feb. 27 The Birdland Stars On Tour / Al Cohn With The Birdland Stars On Tour (w. Dorham, Woods, Hank Jones)

1956, Mar. Jimmy Cleveland-tb; Billy Taylor-p; Oscar Pettiford-b; Kenny Clarke-dr. New York. Issued on: ABC Paramount ABC 115. Embraceable You.

1956, Mar. 5 & 7 Frank Foster - Frank Wess Orch.: 2 Franks Please

-No Count-:Frank Foster Septet :Benny Powell,Henry Coker (tb)Frank Foster,Frank Wess (ts,fl)Kenny Burrel1 (g)Eddie Jones (b)Kenny Clarke (d)

New York,March 5,1956

69153 Serenata (*)Savoy MG12078,SJL2249

69154 Dill pickles MG12072,-

69155 Hard sock dance -,-

69156 Dancing on the ceiling -,-

69157 Alternative (*)MG12078,-

69158 Stop gap (*)-,-

Note :(*)Also on Savoy (Jap)SV-0114 (CD).For 3 more titles see under Frank Wess,session of March 7,


Savoy MG12072 entitled "North,South,East,Wess".

Savoy SJL2249 entitled "Two Franks please".

1956, Mar. 21 Ronnie Ball Quintet: All About Ronnie (w. Willie Dennis, Wendell Marshall)

1956, Apr. 30 + May 9 KC Meets The Detroit Jazzmen

1956, May 3 Bernie Privin Orch. (Brothers And Other Mothers, Vol. 2)

1956, May 3 - 4 Phineas Newborn: Here Is Phineas

1956, May 9 KC Meets The Detroit Jazzmen

1956, May 29 Introducing Kenny Burrell

1956, Jul. 18 WESS, Frank. Trombones & Flute. Savoy SV-0190 (MG 12086) Down Beat *** ½

w/ Henry Coker, Benny Powell, JC, Bill Hughes-tb; Frank Wess-fl; Ronnell Bright-p; Freddie Green-g; Eddie Jones-b; Kenny Clarke-dr; Frank Foster-arr. Hackensack, NJ, 7/18/56. Also on: Frank Wess Orch. (The Trombone Album, Sampler, Savoy)

1956, Jul. 23 Hank Mobley: Hard Bop

1956, Aug. 14, 16 & 23 -Easy living- : Mary Ann McCall (vcl) acc by Ernie Wilkins Orchestra : Joe Wilder (tp) George Barrow, Seldon Powell,Zoot Sims (ts) Sol Moore (bar) Nat Pierce (p) Wendell Marshall (b) Kenny Clarke (d) Ernie Wilkins (arr,cond)

New York, August 14, 16 & 23, 1956

Shake down the stars Regent MG6040

You can depend on me -

Easy living -

Mean to me -

In my solitude -

I thought about you -

Deep purple -

'Deed I do -

It's you or no one -

It's been so long -

Something I dreamed last night MG6046, MG12220

It must be true - , -

Note: Entire session on Savoy SJL1178. Regent MG6046 entitled "The girls sing" and Savoy MG12220 as "Almost like being in love" rest of both issues by other singers.

1956, Aug. 21 Hank Jones Quartet: Relaxin' At Camarillo

1956, Sep. KC: "(Michel Legrand) sent me a first-class ticket on the Liberté and I left with everything I owned." (Z) (Embarked Sep. 7)

1956 EC: Il s'installe à Paris pour jouer dans le grand orchestre de Jacques Hélian. Z: KC: "He (Legrand) said he could get me on his uncle Jacques Hélian's big band, 'a real jazz band' he called it."

JL: Kenny Clarke was disillusioned with the jazz scene in New York in 1956. Charlie Parker was dead and he didn't like how record labels exploited musicians by paying them with drugs (Moody 60). French pianist and composer Michel Legrand invited Kenny Clarke to come live in Paris. Legrande offered Clarke a two-year contract in a big band that his was forming with his uncle (Moody 61). Clarke took the opportunity and emigrated to France.

1956, Oct. 26 - Nov. 30 The Kenny Clarke Sextet Plays André Hodeir.

1957 f. EC: KC accompagne (notamment) Hazel Scott, joue au club St. Germain avec Stan Getz, Chet Baker, Bobby Jasper, Zoot Sims, the Jazz Messengers, Lester Young.

1957 - 59 Bud Powell Quintet / Cookin' At Saint-Germain (w. B. Wilen, Clark Terry)

1957 - 59 Stan Getz: 'Round Midnight In Paris

1957, Jun. 17 Sidney Bechet With The Martial Solal Trio (SB, Vogue)

1957, Jun. 24 Eddie Barclay: Et Voilá! (orch. arr. Quincy Jones)

1957, Sep. 23 - 26 KC In Paris Vol. 1 (4 sessions; w. L. Thompson, Michelot Tentet, F. Boland...) / Kenny Clarke (Swing SW 8411)

1957, Oct. J.J. Johnson guests at the club.

1957, Oct. 18 Eddie Barclay: Et Voilá! (orch. arr. Quincy Jones)

1957, Nov. 12 Kenny Clarke (Swing SW 8411)

1957, Dec. 4 Miles Davis: Ascenseur pour l'èchafaud, w. Barney Wilen, René Urtreger, P. Michelot

1957, Dec. 8 Miles Davis: The Complete Amsterdam Concert (Besetzung wie Ascenseur)

1958 Stan Getz: Live In Europe 1958 (? Curcio)

1958 - 59 Stan Getz With European Friends

1958, Jun. 23 The Concert 23.6.1958 (Jazzline 20829); Hans Koller Quartet / Zoot Sims Quartet u. Quintet usw. / Willie Dennis Quartet usw. (3 CD Radio Tapes; Jazzline 11300)

1958, Jul. 7 Sarah Vaughan w. the Quincy Jones Orch. (Sampler: Compact Jazz: Sarah: Vaughan)

1958, Sep. 29 Lee Konitz Quartet: 01. Star Eyes. Lee Konitz (as), Phineas Newborn (p), Oscar Pettiford (b), Kenny Clarke(dr). 02. Our Delight (Tadd Dameron)* 03. Yardbird Suite (Charles Parker)* Lee Konitz (as), Zoot Sims (ts), J.J.Johnson, Kai Winding (tb), Red Garland (p), Oscar Pettiford (b), Kenny Clarke (dr). Lennie Tristano Solo in Europe/Lee Konitz Quartet In Europe (Unique(IT)UJ21). *= The All Stars "Live" European Concert (Unique(IT)UJ25)

1958, Dec. 2 Jazz Legacy Baden-Baden, Jazzline 20827 (auch: 3 CD Radio Tapes; Jazzline 11300)

1958, Dec. Bobby Jaspar

1958, Dec. 21 Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers: At The Club St. Germain (KC and a conga player sit in for 4 titles)

1958, towards the end of Daisy left Paris to work in a children's home in Caux, Switzerland. Returned after six months.

late fifties THE ALL STARS

-Live European concert- : Jay Jay Johnson,Kai Winding (tb) Lee Konitz (as) Zoot Sims (ts) Phineas Newborn (p-1) Red Garland (p-2) Oscar Pettiford (b) Kenny Clarke (d)

c. late 1950's

* This can't be love Unique Jazz UJ25
* Bag's groove -
* Baahaus (1) -
* Tenderly (1) -
* Makin' whoopee (2) -
* Sunday -
* Willow weep for me -
* C jam blues (2) -

1959 (?-?-67) Lee Konitz Play Along Record: 01. Basin Street Blues (a). Lee Konitz (as), Buck Clayton (tp), Vic Dickenson (tb), Bob Wilber (cl), Bud Freeman (ts), Dick Wellstood (p), Ahmed Abdul-Malik (b), Panama Francis (dr). 02. Three Little Words (b). Lee Konitz (as), Don Abney (p), Oscar Pettiford (b), Kenny Clarke (d). 03. You Go To My Head (c). 04. Meditation (c). Lee Konitz (as), accompanied by known metronome & unknown Orchestra, including strings. 05. Somewhere (d). 06. Somewhere (e). 07. Blues in A Flat (d). 08. 3/4 Waltz (d). 09. 3/4 Waltz (e). 10. Free Form no.1 (d). 11. Free Form no.1 (e). 12. Ballad (d). 13. Ballad (e). Note: This is a Music Minus One (aka "Play Along") recording. A,B and C feature Lee Konitz overdubbed on material originally performed at some point in 1959. D features Lee Konitz and a metronome overdubbed onto unknown backgrounds. E features Lee Konitz and a metronome only. All Lee Konitz was recorded in 1967. Music Minus One: Lee Konitz Sax Duets (Music Minus One MM04017) (review)

1959 Barney Wilen: Newport '59 (rec. in Paris, w. B. Powell, Clark Terry)

1959, Jan. 1 - 66 aet. 45 (5 x 9) EC: batteur attitré du Blue Note, tout en parcourant le monde.

1959, Mar. 3 Lester Young Quintet: In Memoriam

1959, Apr. Un Temoin Dans La Ville. Soundtrack (film by E. Molinaro). With K. Dorham, Duke Jordan.

1959, Apr. 15 Andy and the Bey Sisters. With K. Dorham

1959, Oct. 30 Reunion w. Bud Powell in Paris, for two weeks at the club (precursor to a long residency of kc, Powell, Michelot at the Blue Note. The lineup used to change; see Hennessey p.139).

1959, Nov. 7 Bud Powell: Gift For My Friends, 60-64

1959 Dec. 12 Bud Powell: Bud In Paris
Kenny Clarke Life and Sessions (1960-1969)

1960 Lou Bennett 4: Amen (kc, gourley, ingrand)

1960, Jan. Clark Terry (Swing SW 8406)

1960, Feb. 25 Kenny Clarke (Swing SW 8411)

1960, Mar. 12 Bud Powell: Bud In Paris. Also on: Gift For My Friends, 60-64

1960, Mar. 20 Jazz Legacy Baden-Baden, Jazzline 20827 (auch: 3 CD Radio Tapes; Jazzline 11300)

1960, Apr. 2 Coleman Hawkins - Bud Powell Quartet / Bud Powell Trio: hawk in germany

1960, May 8 Bud Powell: Groovin' At The Blue Note, 59 - 61

1960, Jun. 15 Bud Powell: Bud In Paris / Groovin' At The Blue Note, 59 - 61

1960, Oct. 14 Bud Powell: Bud In Paris / Oscar Pettiford Memorial

1961 italian bootleg (not in Bruyninckx): Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Quintet "Live recording" (1961). Edmund Gregory `Sahib Shihab' (fl, bar, vcl-1) Francy Boland (p) Sadi Lallemand (vib, vcl-1) Kenny Clarke (d) Joe Harris (perc, vcl-1)

1. The Top 2. Tin Tin Deo 3. Night Lady 4. Ya Ya Blues (1) 5. Jay Jay. Europa Jazz (It) EJ-1030

1961, spring (?) Lucky Thompson: Lord, Lord, am I ever gonna know? With Peter Trunk, "a favourite of Lucky's", and Martail Solal. Candid CCD 79035 (the title song also on The Jazz Life! (Sampler) Candid ST 9019). Liner notes by Mark Gardner: "The saxophonist and Clarke were close friends, and it was Klook who urged Lucky to move to Europe where steady work appreciative audiences were to be found. In New York, Lucky and Kenny were heard together on a series of Milt Jackson albums. In Paris they were often star additions to the Eddie Barclay Orchestra. Clarke (1914-1985), the founder of modern drumming, first met Lucky at Minton's in the early 1940s when the saxophonist impressed, among others, Dizzy Gillespie."

1961, Feb. 14 (see SF) Internacionalni Jazz Oktet Duska Gojkovica Sa Keni Klarkom

1961, Apr. 14 (see SF) Fourth Annual Essen Jazz Festival (Essener Jazztage 1961, 1. Konzert)

1961, Apr. 14 Bud Powell In Europe

1961, May 18 - 19 KC - Francy Boland & Co.: The Golden 8

[1961, Jun. 18 Karl Drewo: Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie (w. Joe Harris, no KC! But cf. Golden 8!)]

1961, Oct. 12 Jazz Pictures at an Exhibition. Rita Reys and the Pim Jacobs Trio featuring: Kenny Clarke. Recorded at the Singer Concerthall, Laren. Netherlands. Mercury 846 242-2 (CD).

Rita Reys - vocal, Pim Jacobs - piano, Ruud Jacobs - bass, Wim Overgaauw - guitar, Kenny Clarke - drums.

* 1. I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter.Autumn Leaves
* 2. Autumn Leaves
* 3. Cherokee
* 4. Poor Butterfly
* 5. Can't we be friends
* 6. I get a kick out of you
* 7. I remember Clifford
* 8. Tangerine
* 9. Speak Low
* 10. What's New

Jaap van de Klomp sent this addition. Thanks, Jaap!

1961, Dec. 13 CBBB: Jazz Is Universal. (The beginning of the CBBB; the CBBB being the result and consummation of about twenty years of European/American big band history.)

1961, Dec. 15 Don Byas: A Tribute To Cannonball (w. Powell, Sulieman)

1961, Dec. 17 Bud Powell: A Portrait Of Thelonious

1962 throughout at the Blue Note. "It was like an office for me." MH p. 145

1962 Ben Webster Quintet: Rare Live Performances

1962 Apr. 1 kc and Daisy move into 142 bis rue de Rosny, Montreuil-sous-Bois.

1962 May 26 marriage

1962 end of kc is fired from the Blue Note

1963, Jan. 3 aet. 49 (7 x 7) KC Trio (Americans In Europe Vol. 1); Berendt's program "Expatriate Americans in Europe", see Nathan Davis: 2 Originals.

1963, Jan. 25 - 26 CBBB: Handle With Care / Now Hear Our Meanin'

1963, Mar. 1 Alice Babs and Duke Ellington: Serenade To Sweden. Reprise 454, now available on Azure CA-28, from the Duke Ellington Music Society, Voort 18b, 2328 Meerle, Belgium. email:

1963, May 23 Dexter Gordon: Our Man In Paris (w. Powell, Michelot)

1963, Jul. 7 at RSI Lugano, studio 2. Engineer: Mario Robbiani. Flavio Ambrosetti, as, Franco Ambrosetti, tp, George Gruntz, p, K.T. Geier, b, Kenny Clarke, dr:

Anthropology (by Charlie Parker) 8:22 on: Flavio Ambrosetti Anniversary. Enja p&c 1996

1963, Jul. 8, Sep. 20 Dizzy Gillespie And The Double Six

1963 (?) End of. (see SF) Rec. Jay Jay for WDR (Used in "Der 7. Sinn"). Contract from Nov. 4, 1963.

1964, Jan. 14 ############ 50.

1964, Feb. 13 (see SF) Griffin

1964, May 8 Calypso Blues - digitally remixed 1997 by Jens Müller-Koslowski, EMI Köln; technische Einzelheiten zu diesem Kriminellen anschließend:

1964, May 8 & 9 Sahib Shihab and all those cats. (Modisch abgemischt, wie oben: kc im Vordergrund; klingt wie eine Schlagzeugstudie und ist insofern dankenswert, als man hier kc in allen Einzelheiten zu hören bekommt. Dafür hat man dem Baß den Körper genommen: Bässe und Mitten fehlen ganz. Er scheint hinter den Wolken zu schweben, man kann ihn nur ahnen. Und das bei Jimmy Woode! Das bei dieser Musik, die den Baß als Rückgrat braucht! Es schlägt dem Stil, der ja gerade durch kc geprägt wurde, voll ins Gesicht. Die Techno - Jugend beherrscht also jetzt die Studios. Sie würde auch Blanton wie Sting klingen lassen, weil sie meinen, daß ein Baß eben so klingt. - Aber ich bin ungerecht: der Mischer war begeistert vom Hammondorgel - Pedalsound!)

1964, Jun. 9 CBBB SFB

1964, Jun. 29 Eric Dolphy died in Berlin.

1964, Sep. ? Birth of son Laurent.

1964-1965 Sahib Shihab and all those cats

1965 Earl Hines: Hine's Tune (Duos w. J. Woode, KC, Ben Webster, Don Byas, Roy Eldridge, Stuff Smith; plus one tune with them all)

1965, Feb. 23 CBBB WDR

1965, May 7 Nathan Davis Sextet: Peace Treaty. Société Française de Productions Phonographiques SFP 10.003 (mono). Recorded at Studio de la Comedie des Champs-Elysees, Paris; May 7, 1965. Reissued in France on EPM/Musique FDC 5529, 1990 (CD), and available from CDMAIL. Nathan Davis - tenor and soprano sax; Jean-Louis Chautemps - baritone sax; Woody Shaw - trumpet; Rene Urtreger - piano; Jimmy Woode - bass; Kenny Clarke - drums.

1. Klook's Theme (N. Davis) 4:21 2. Peace Treaty (N. Davis) 33:41 3 Ruby My Dear (T. Monk) 6:53 3. Sconsolato (J. Woode) 3:25 4. Now Let M' Tell Ya (N. Davis) 5:57 5. Kansas City Special (N. Davis) 4:24

1965, May 13 Stuff Smith w. the Joe Turner Trio (ORTF Paris): Live In Paris 1965

1965 around 1965 CBBB ohne kc, Kenny Clare kommt. See UD 57

1965, Jun. 16 Calypso Blues

1965, Sep. 1 Nathan Davis: The Hip Walk. The Hip Walk. Saba 15063 (LP). Villingen, Black Forest, Germany; September 1, 1965. MPS CRM 612 (LP). Also see "Two Originals" and "Carmell Jones in Europe". Nathan Davis - tenor and soprano sax, flute; Carmell Jones - trumpet; Francy Boland - piano; Jimmy Woode - bass; Kenny Clarke - drums.

1. The Hip Walk (Davis) 6:50 2. While Children Sleep (Davis) 7:16 3. Train of Thought (Davis) 5:24 4. Yesterdays (Jerome Kern) 2:53 5. That Kaycee Thing (Davis) 7:54 6. Carmell's Black Forest Waltz (Carmell Jones) 3:44 7. B's Blues (Davis) 4:57

Carmell Jones: Carmell Jones In Europe; 1965-66. Prestige PRST-7669. Carmell Jones - trumpet; Nathan Davis - tenor and sprano sax (3,4,5); Francy Boland - piano (1,3,4,5); Jimmy Woode - bass; Kenny Clarke - drums (1,3,4,5); Leo Wright - flute, alto sax (2,6); Pony Poindextor - alto and soprano sax, vocals (2,6); Andre Condouant - guitar (2,6); Joe Nay - drums (2,6); Fritz Pauer - piano (2,6); Annie Ross - vocal (2,6). Note that tracks 1,3,4 and 5 were from the same session that produced "The Hip Walk" LP. 1. Carmell's Black Forest Waltz (Carmell Jones) 3:40 2. Jumpin' At The Woodside (Basie/Hendricks) 6:20 3. That Kay Cee Thing (Nathan Davis) 7:50 4. B's Blues (Nathan Davis) 4:55 5. The Hip Walk (Nathan Davis) 6:50 6. Twisted (Wardell Gray/Annie Ross) 7:38

1965, Sep. 25 Sahib Shihab and all those cats / Marcel Marceau präsentiert Swing im Bahnhof mit dem Clarke-Boland-Sextett / Calypso Blues

1965, Dec. French Musicians Union begins a campaign to replace American Jazz performers by French musicians. Established stars like kc or Johnny Griffin could stay, Nathan Davis and Woody Shaw were named as musicians who should be expelled. See GA p. 114f. Groups should have a certain percentage of French musicians. This was to bring about the end of the golden age. The clubs deteriorated.

1966, Feb. 28 Karl Drewo u. d. CBBB: Swing, Waltz, Swing

1966, Mar. 21 Fats Sadi (see SF)

1966, Jun. 19 CBBB Mainz SWF (see SF)

1966 ?-?-66 Lee Konitz Quartet: 01. There Will Never Be Another You. Lugano. Lee Konitz (as), Francy Boland (p), Jimmy Woode (b), Kenny Clarke (dr). Private Video (fehlt bei SF)

1966, Dec. 15 Sahib Shihab in Dusco's Jazz Studio (see SF)

1967 EC: Il ouvre une école de batterie avec Dante Agostini chez Selmer.

1967 (summer?) first-ever Philip Morris tour (a combined State Department/Philip Morris event), w. the Clarke/Boland Septet or the kc Septet. Campi worked out the details.

1967, Feb. 18 Francy Boland: Out Of The Background

1967, Apr. 15 CBBB: Jazz Convention Vol. II / Historically Speaking

1967, May 28 Flirt And Dream. Francy Boland In The Background (w. strings)

1967, Jun. 16 The Clarke-Boland Sextet: Music For The Small Hours

1967, Jun. 18 CBBB: Sax No End

1967, Jul. 31 CBBB: Out Of The Folk Bag / Historically Speaking

1967, Aug. 26 CBBB: Open Door

1967, Sep. 9 Sahib Shihab Companionship

1967, Sep. 9 (?) Francy Boland Going Classic

1967, Sep. 16 - 17 The Clarke-Boland Sextet (WDR ?, see SF). Jazz am Rhein (Sampler).

1967, Oct. 18 Walter Davis Trio: Night Work

1967, Oct. 18 Sonny Stitt & The Giants: Night Work

1967, Dec. 15 CBBB: Historically Speaking

1967, Dec. 18 Mark Murphy (w. CB 8): Midnight Mood

1967, Dec. 19 or 20 Sahib Shihab Companionship

1968, Jan. aet. 54 (6 x 9) Hampton Hawes-Martial Solal Quartet: Key For Two

1968, Jan. 15 CBBB (WDR / SWF, see SF)

1968, Jan. 26 KENNY CLARKE QUARTET. K. Clarke, dr. H. Hawes, p. J. Griffin, sax. J. Woode, cbs. Pescara Jazz Festival. "A Pescara per ascoltare Kenny Clarke i fans della musica jazz internazionale". "Platea entusiasta per Kenny Clarke".

1968, May 13 - 14 CBBB: All Smiles / Let's Face The Music And Dance

1968, May 16 CBBB (SR Stuttgart)

1968, May 17 CBBB (ORTF Wien)

1968, Jun. 9 Sahib Shihab: Seeds / Sahib Shihab and all those cats

1968, Jun. (probably) Clarke-Boland Ensemble (WDR-TV)

1968, Jun. 28 - 29 CBBB: Faces

1968, Jul. 17 CBBB: More

1968, Aug. 27 Griffin: Foot Patting

1968, Aug. 28 - 29 CBBB: Latin Kaleidoscope

1968, Sep. 4 - 5 Gitte And The CBBB: Out Of This World (cf. 1969, Dec. 9)

1968, Dec. 1 CBBB (NL Radio Broadcast)

1968, Dec. 2 - 3 CBBB: Fellini 712 (also on: Three Latin Adventures)

1969 (end of?) Toby comes to Paris.

1969, Feb. 11 CBBB: Live At Ronnie's Vol. 1: Volcano

1969, Feb. 18 (SF say: 28) CBBB: Live At Ronnie's Vol. 2: Rue Chaptal

1969, May 27 CBBB: All Blues

1969, May 28 CBBB: More Smiles

1969, Jul. 22 CBBB (Swedish Radio)

1969, Sep. 7 CBBB: (WDR)

1969, Sep. 11 CBBB: (Swiss Radio)

1969, Oct. 29 CBBB: En Concert avec Europe 1

1969, Oct. / Nov. CBBB (Ronnie Scott's Club, BBC)

1969, Dec. 9 CBBB-Gitte Haenning CD originally appeared as "My Kind of World" on LP with details as follows:

Benny Bailey (tp,flhrn) Dusko Gojkovic, Idrees Sulieman, Tony Fisher (tp) Ake Persson, Nat Peck (tb) Eric van Lier (btb) Derek Humble (as) Johnny Griffin, Ronnie Scott, Tony Coe (ts) Sahib Shihab (ss,bs) Francy Boland (p,arr) Jimmy Woode (b) Kenny Clarke, Kenny Clare (d) Gitte Haenning (vcl). Cologne, 9 dec 1969 (SF: "Playbacks Sep. 4/5, 1968. Synchr. Dec. 1969")

* 1. My Kind of World Hör Zu (G) SHZE 280, VeraBra (G) 20 (CD)
* 2. Sack Full of Dreams -- --
* 3. A World without Love -- --
* 4. Go to Hell -- --
* 5. Imagination -- --
* 6. Please Send Me Someone to Love -- --
* 7. Out of this World -- --
* 8. Marriage Is for the Old Folks -- --
* 9. I Love the Life I Live -- --
* 10.November Girl -
Kenny Clarke Life and Sessions (1970-1979)

1970 aet. 56 (8 x 7) Rene Thomas (RTBF Records: Guitar Genius Vol. 2)

1970, Mar. 15 CBBB (ORTF)

1970, Mar. or May CBBB (Zürich, TV)

1970, Apr. 24 Eddie Davis - Johnny Griffin Quintet: Tough Tenors Again 'N Again

1970, May 18 - 19 Francy Boland: Going Classic

1970, Jun. Joe Pass Trio; rec. VS-Villingen (Verve; Sampler Jazz-Club: Guitar)

1970, Jun. 21 CBBB (France Musique)

1970, Jul. Sahib Shihab and all those cats

1970, Sep. 5 CBBB: At Her Majesty's Pleasure

1970, Sep. 30 CBBB: Off Limits

1970, Oct. 29 CBBB (France Musique)

1970, Oct. 31 CBBB (WDR)

1970, Nov. 1 CBBB (NL Radio)

1970, Nov. 1 (fehlt bei SF) (date of the broadcast?) Dexter Gordon & Slide Hampton: With The Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band. Radio Broadcast. 1.{Untitled Blues} 2. other titles. Derek Humble, Billy Mitchell, as, Dexter Gordon, ts (1), Ronnie Scott, ts, Tony Coe, ts, cl, Sahib Shihab, bs, Benny Bailey, Art Farmer, Dusko Goykovich, Idrees Suliman, tp, Åke Persson, Nat Peck, Erik van Lier, tb, Slide Hampton, tb (1), Francy Boland, George Gruntz, p, Jimmy Woode, b, Kenny Clarke, Kenny Clare, d. November 1, 1970. Köln, Germany.

1970, Nov. 3 Carmen McRae And The CBBB: November Girl

-November girl- : Carmen McRae (vcl) acc by Kenny Clarke/Francy Boland Big Band : Benny Bailey,Art Farmer,Dusko Gojkovic,Idrees Sulieman (tp) Nat Peck,Ake Persson,Erik van Lier (tb) Derek Humble,Billy Mitchell,Ronnie Scott,Tony Coe (ts) Sahib Shihab (bar) Francy Boland (p) Jimmy Woode (b) Kenny Clarke, Kenny Clare (d) Dizzy Gillespie (snare-d-1)

London, November 3, 1970

November girl Black Lion (E)LP30172

Just give me time (1) -

'Tis autumn -

A handful of soul -

Dear death -

I don't want nothin' from nobody -

You're getting to be a habit with me -

My kinda world -

Note: Entire session on Black Lion (E)16025, (G)28498-4U, (Jap)PA-7143, I Grande del Jazz (It)31 entitled "Carmen McRae".

1970, Nov. 4 CBBB (Danish Radio)

1970, Nov. 6 CBBB (Berlin, Jazztage)

1970, Nov. (probably) CBBB (Milano, Radio)

[1971 Benny Bailey w. the Francy Boland Group: Mirrors; no kc, but beautiful]

1971, Feb. 2 Derek Humble died, at age 39.

1971, Jun. 14 CBBB w. Stan Getz: Change Of Scenes (The CBBB ends here!)

1971, Aug. 24 Interview w. AT in Paris ("I hope in another five year's time I can say I don't want to play anymore."

1972, Mar CBBB last concert, in Nuremberg; with Griffin.

1972, Oct. First visit to the US in sixteen years: received a Duke Ellington Fellowship from Yale University. kc returned home after a few days.

1972, Dec. 15-17 Eddy Louiss Orgue Vol. 1 & 2

1973, Feb. 22-23 Oscar Peterson - Stephane Grappelli Quartet

1973, Apr. Dizzy Gillespie Sextet: The Giant / The Source (w. Griffin)

1973, Jul. 7 Dexter Gordon: Blues A La Suisse (Montreux Festival)

1973, Jul. 7 Gene Ammons And Friends At Montreux (Montreux Festival)

1973, Jul. 7 Hampton Hawes Trio: Playin' In The Yard (Montreux Festival)

1974, Jan. 7 Al Haig Trio: Invitation

1974, Jan. 14 ############ 60.

1975, Mar. 10 KC Quintet: KC (w. Italian musicians, on the Italian label HORO)

1975, Dec. 6 heart attack

1976, Sep. three-day tribute program to Dizzy Gillespie in Chicago (WTTW Television); kc stayed a few weeks in the US. Met Gil Fuller, planned a tour in 1977.

1976, Dec. 9 Howard McGhee Quintet: Just Be There

-Just be there- : Howard McGhee Quintet : Howard McGhee (tp) Per Goldschmidt (bar) Horace Parlan (p) Mads Vinding (b) Kenny Clarke (d)

Copenhagen, December 9, 1976

Jazz exchange SteepleChase (Dan)SCS1204, SCCD31204

Jazz exchange (alt take 2) -

You're something else (alt take 1) -

You're something else - , -

Wee dot - , -

Into it - , -

Just be there - , -

1976, Dec. 10 Idrees Sulieman Quintet: Bird's Grass

1977 aet. 63 (9 x 7; 7 x 9) Benny Bailey Quintet: Serenade To A Planet

1977 EC: Après vingt et un ans d'absence, il retourne aux Etats-unis, invité par l'université de Pittsburgh. Il y reste jusqu'en avril 1979 et revient en France.

JL: Clarke spent his twilight years teaching and relaxing with his wife Daisy in his home in Montreuil-sous-Bois. He visited the U.S. two more times, secretly hoping that he could make a triumphant return like Dexter Gordon had done in 1976. However, this was not to be.

1977, Oct. 22 Pittsburgh Jazz Seminar (see MH).

1979, Jul. Antibes Jazz Festival

1979, winter Nathan Davis took a one-term sabbatical from the University of Pittsburgh, kc is visiting professor.
Performed and recorded with the Sounds of Togetherness in and around Pittsburgh and at the Crawford Grill #2.
Personnel: Jothan Callins - trumpet, fluglehorn, leader-arranger; Kenny Fisher - tenor sax; Dr. Nelson Harrison - trombone, James T. Johnson, Jr. - piano, Hideo Shimada - bass, Pamela Johnson - vocal

Harrison's composition "Klookwise" was composed during this period and recorded for his Timeslice Archive at the famous Crawford Grill #2.
Kenny Clarke Life and Sessions (1980 - 1994)

1980, Jun. 10 - 11 KC live in Paris

1980, Jul. US: Dizzy Gillespie retrospective at the Wolf Trap International Jazz Festival

1980, Oct. Berlin Jazz Festival

1981, Mar. 31 Interview w. UD in Paris

1982 London: made a jazz video at University College

1982, Jul. 15 Interview w. UD in Paris

1982, Dec. 19 Interview w. UD in Paris

1983, Apr. 8 KC Sextet (Jazzfestival San Remo) w. B. Bailey, Zoot Sims, Shihab, Boland, Woode.

1983, Sep. 10 Interview w. UD in Paris

1983, Sep. 16 - 17 Pieces Of Time (4 drummers!)

1984, Jan 14. ############ 70. (10 x 7)

1984, Jan. 29 EC: Son dernier enregistrement, New York (MH: Jun 29!)

1984 The Paris Reunion Band is planned. kc would be the leader, Nathan Davis the musical director. Before the band got off the ground, kc died. Daisy gave her o.k., and they did it as a tribute to Klook. The first tour was in 1985.

1985, Jan. 26, KC died in Paris, aet. 71.

1994, Jul. (!) JAMES McMILLAN -Savoy Remix-Crescente moon- : James McMillan plus Original Savoy Recordings. Savoy CY78846.

Donald Byrd (tp) Frank Foster (ts) Hank Jones (p) Paul Chambers (b) Kenny Clarke (d) James McMillan (tp,programming) Patrick Clahar (ts solo):


Milt Jackson (vib) John Lewis (p) Percy Heath (b) Kenny Clarke (d) Peter Murray (el-p,synt):

Love me pretty baby

Donald Byrd (tp) Hank Jones (p) Eddie Jones (b) Kenny Clarke (d) James McMillan (programming):

Almost like being in love

Milt Jackson (vib) John Lewis (p) Kenny Clarke (d) John Parracelli (g) James McMilan (programming):

Softly as in a morning sunrise


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