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From Blakey to Brown, Como to Costa, Eckstine to Eldridge, Galbraith to Garner, Harris to Hines, Horne to Hyman, Jamal to Jefferson, Kelly to Klook; Mancini to Marmarosa, May to Mitchell, Negri to Nestico, Parlan to Ponder, Reed to Ruther, Strayhorn to Sullivan, Turk to Turrentine, Wade to Williams… the forthcoming publication Treasury of Pittsburgh Jazz Connections by Dr. Nelson Harrison and Dr. Ralph Proctor, Jr. will document the legacy of one of the world’s greatest jazz capitals.


Do you want to know who Dizzy Gillespie  idolized? Did you ever wonder who inspired Kenny Clarke and Art Blakey? Who was the pianist that mentored Monk, Bud Powell, Tad Dameron, Elmo Hope, Sarah Vaughan and Mel Torme? Who was Art Tatum’s idol and Nat Cole’s mentor? What musical quartet pioneered the concept adopted later by the Modern Jazz Quartet? Were you ever curious to know who taught saxophone to Stanley Turrentine or who taught piano to Ahmad Jamal? What community music school trained Robert McFerrin, Sr. for his history-making debut with the Metropolitan Opera? What virtually unknown pianist was a significant influence on young John Coltrane, Shirley Scott, McCoy Tyner, Bobby Timmons and Ray Bryant when he moved to Philadelphia from Pittsburgh in the 1940s?  Would you be surprised to know that Erroll Garner attended classes at the Julliard School of Music in New York and was at the top of his class in writing and arranging proficiency?


Some answers  can be gleaned from the postings on the Pittsburgh Jazz Network.


For almost 100 years the Pittsburgh region has been a metacenter of jazz originality that is second to no other in the history of jazz.  One of the best kept secrets in jazz folklore, the Pittsburgh Jazz Legacy has heretofore remained mythical.  We have dubbed it “the greatest story never told” since it has not been represented in writing before now in such a way as to be accessible to anyone seeking to know more about it.  When it was happening, little did we know how priceless the memories would become when the times were gone.


Today jazz is still king in Pittsburgh, with events, performances and activities happening all the time. The Pittsburgh Jazz Network is dedicated to celebrating and showcasing the places, artists and fans that carry on the legacy of Pittsburgh's jazz heritage.






Duke Ellington is first African-American and the first musician to solo on U.S. circulating coin



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Organic Gardening - Fun And Recreation For All

Soil is really a base within all kinds of gardening. Actually this could be the base of all things. This will really be the bed, in addition to house of the plants. Desire to to opt for right soil to increase organic food crops. Might base your selection in just as important the plants on kinds of soils that may be found in place. Unquestionably you in order to be know the garden soil really in advance before seeding.

Before planting prepare a bed area that hasn't grown onions or garlic in extremely two various. Raised beds are great as garlic likes well drained earth. Garlic prefers slightly acidic soil heavily enriched with organic matter. Whether your soil is alkaline, place in a soil amendment such as sulfur to reduce soil ph. Work with your county Extension office to get a soil test and recommendations for lowering soil pH or acidifying your soil. Operate in plenty of compost or well aged manure. Work in some slow release conventional or What is Organic Farming, following package suggestions for vegetable seed.

Save as lots of seeds and bulbs probably from this years' vegetable crop. Why waste cash seeds next spring in case you likely plant the same vegetables every year? One ear of corn will yield enough seeds for the whole garden the next time well. The same is true to master vegetables. Just save the seeds from one piece of produce per vegetable type and plethora.

I endorsed start right away, which meant another day, a Sunday. I am notoriously impatient and had to do this unique. So I ran to the nearest store to get the ingredients. The cayenne pepper, lemons and water were easy enough to find, but the maple syrup gave me trouble. The shop I went to didn't cash in method of Organic Food, so I picked up what did actually be your next best thing, Grade A, not B, maple syrup. Figured end up being work for the present time.

In some cases, you may want to stir up the solids if they accumulate at the bottom for this fish aquarium. This way they possibly be picked up by the pump and carried to your grow pickup bed. Here a bed of solids at the bottom aren't a problem, and will likely make a place for colonies of bacteria to develop. These bacteria essential for turning the ammonia and other chemicals into nutrients that the plants make use of. Having a bed of these solid wastes can actually benefit the system.

This can be a minority opinion; many other studies (scientific!) have proven otherwise. Persons have been planting by the moon's phases for centuries and continue to manage this.

The vegetables grow in raised beds made about the sides of discarded water beds residing in place by 4x4 posts: it's cheap and long-lasting. The picture shows the bed, a hopeful quail looking for vegetables to eat, and also the soaker hose that minimizes water practice. That's an eggplant in the foreground, in late March. By July in the victorian era 4 ft . tall and 4 feet thick.

Every gardener should have a gardener's record. These specially designed diaries permit gardener to record what plants are planted, where they were planted, how well they grew, etc. So, when that little weed-looking plant pops up in the spring, one simply refers back to the gardener's diary to recall that it is not a weed at all, but that patch of herbs that have been planted last summer.

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