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From Blakey to Brown, Como to Costa, Eckstine to Eldridge, Galbraith to Garner, Harris to Hines, Horne to Hyman, Jamal to Jefferson, Kelly to Klook; Mancini to Marmarosa, May to Mitchell, Negri to Nestico, Parlan to Ponder, Reed to Ruther, Strayhorn to Sullivan, Turk to Turrentine, Wade to Williams… the forthcoming publication Treasury of Pittsburgh Jazz Connections by Dr. Nelson Harrison and Dr. Ralph Proctor, Jr. will document the legacy of one of the world’s greatest jazz capitals.


Do you want to know who Dizzy Gillespie  idolized? Did you ever wonder who inspired Kenny Clarke and Art Blakey? Who was the pianist that mentored Monk, Bud Powell, Tad Dameron, Elmo Hope, Sarah Vaughan and Mel Torme? Who was Art Tatum’s idol and Nat Cole’s mentor? What musical quartet pioneered the concept adopted later by the Modern Jazz Quartet? Were you ever curious to know who taught saxophone to Stanley Turrentine or who taught piano to Ahmad Jamal? What community music school trained Robert McFerrin, Sr. for his history-making debut with the Metropolitan Opera? What virtually unknown pianist was a significant influence on young John Coltrane, Shirley Scott, McCoy Tyner, Bobby Timmons and Ray Bryant when he moved to Philadelphia from Pittsburgh in the 1940s?  Would you be surprised to know that Erroll Garner attended classes at the Julliard School of Music in New York and was at the top of his class in writing and arranging proficiency?


Some answers  can be gleaned from the postings on the Pittsburgh Jazz Network.


For almost 100 years the Pittsburgh region has been a metacenter of jazz originality that is second to no other in the history of jazz.  One of the best kept secrets in jazz folklore, the Pittsburgh Jazz Legacy has heretofore remained mythical.  We have dubbed it “the greatest story never told” since it has not been represented in writing before now in such a way as to be accessible to anyone seeking to know more about it.  When it was happening, little did we know how priceless the memories would become when the times were gone.


Today jazz is still king in Pittsburgh, with events, performances and activities happening all the time. The Pittsburgh Jazz Network is dedicated to celebrating and showcasing the places, artists and fans that carry on the legacy of Pittsburgh's jazz heritage.






Duke Ellington is first African-American and the first musician to solo on U.S. circulating coin



       In Her Own Words
Techno futures.

Many years ago, I had thought what an amazing thing technology was. It was ever moving always improving, and solving problems. My thoughts drifted to the next resting stop in entertainment. I wondered how they were going to get the media to us. Like Video killing the radio star. Computer killed the video star, even thought it is not dead yet, TV. is ,as we know it, heading out.. As a matter of facts, communication as we know it is out the window.

This Christmas my children were gifted all the new computer games and all the add-ons that come with it. I am not a Computer person, sure I can type really long Blogs and I can check my e-mail, but other then that not-a. Well after four hours, they had the house wired as one. Hand held game systems, Computer, TV, phones, surround sound: all acting as one. I said all acting as one. What that means is if I am sitting here typing you, my son can get on his video game console through the TV and watch internet movies from the computer. Did you follow me there? No, well do not feel bad I did not understand either.

My point is this; Life is changing and you have to keep up. If my son can watch a video on a 42-inch screen TV, it means its all changed again. The next resting place for entertainment is anywhere it wants to be. Instead of one person hunched over a computer screen watching your video, it is on the big screen, more views. I can get any internet radio station, or sound for that matter on my surround system ANY. Therefore, that means no more mini speakers blotching out your music. Now I can hear what every sound in beautiful quality.

Soon the TV screen shall be converted to a one stop shopping Mecca for entertainment, news, drama, music, education, meetings, communication. Mother can check her stock quotes on as her selection plays. The phone rings and she will watch her new grand daughter walk across the Screen, and say her first words. Soon everything will be wired to the internet.

The internet, once a loosely controlled system with few conveniences, is now the one thing keeping a Nation from falling to its knees, the next Civilization, maybe. A tool for the masses, one great thing is as technology advances it gets easier to use. With the internet, it is not only easy, it’s cheap. You can make a music video for little to nothing; have it played in any home in any part of the world. Nothing new about that, but for the fact that now it is going big screen. Same with the music, big sound and more listeners makes sense. It‘s been proven that the world can make a star out of a computer user, but now it is changing. I can open my phone surf the internet, find music, send it to my home system, and listen to it. Buy it and own it. All without going to a store. No intermediaries, no travel, just me and the artist

One thing that interests me is “live case”, for those that do not know technology has leaped again with an amazing thing called holographic imaging, premiered on election night. An incredible 3d image of a person was broadcasted to a live CNN report. It was as if the person was in the room, but was really hundreds of miles. Just think, you could watch a live concert in your back yard at the same time someone in Japan has the same live concert in his or her yard. All 3D. You can now be in two places at once, via the internet.

My point is this: the internet is growing, and a smart creative person can make it work for them.

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Comment by CWR (Fan of Culture) on December 29, 2008 at 11:02pm
Mr. Amos,

I’ve been a user or observer of the internets since Blue screen. At first a infant barely able to stand on its own, mostly used for filing documents. It has grow to a teen finding its way. It can turn the bad or into the good. Most likely it will first lean to the shopping Mecca then to education, "but them's the ropes."

To answer your first question as I stated “Tech” is cheap now, easier to use. Sooner or later we all will be somehow connected to the “internet.” The Internet has changed ,it grew legs and walks among us. But for the impoverish areas, “Tech” is everywhere. As the numbers grow ,online users gaining access from all sorts of devises, it will get even cheaper. Business will grow to offer free service, more then there are now. Cities will offer free internet service as a draw to visit or live in that area. Schools will teach by holographic design .I don’t think access will be keep under a monetary price tag for long. The devises themselves will always carry a price tag, that’s Capitalism.

As to your pondering, I guess our poor children don’t appall to deep pockets, but they do to me. So I answer it this way: Education is the only key, unlocking the chains that bind.

Those that tried to grab at the internet prize have lost -time and again. You can’t corner the market were none exists They soon find out its not so easy. To conquer the internet would be impossible, first you have to tame the beast . Not one religions not one government, no one belief alone can tame the internet.

A New civilization, again maybe, defiantly the new Cultural side of it, just not the Governing side.
Comment by Kevin Amos on December 29, 2008 at 2:47am are more in tune with the technology than you think. The issue for people is how will the various platforms be made available for EVERYONE to utilize. While for some it is a matter of choice. There is no longer a digital divide. It is a matter of having access and today even homeless people have cell phones.

Here is something to ponder. If a child in an African nation can get a laptop, then why dosen't a kid in the inner-city have one? The rise of technology has not erased poverty and that is disturbing to me. Technology has not
The same divide and conquer mentality exists. Why is that if we are so advanced now or is it business as usual?

"Something's happening here...what it is not's exactly clear"
"Trying to make it real...compared to what?"


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