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From Blakey to Brown, Como to Costa, Eckstine to Eldridge, Galbraith to Garner, Harris to Hines, Horne to Hyman, Jamal to Jefferson, Kelly to Klook; Mancini to Marmarosa, May to Mitchell, Negri to Nestico, Parlan to Ponder, Reed to Ruther, Strayhorn to Sullivan, Turk to Turrentine, Wade to Williams… the forthcoming publication Treasury of Pittsburgh Jazz Connections by Dr. Nelson Harrison and Dr. Ralph Proctor, Jr. will document the legacy of one of the world’s greatest jazz capitals.


Do you want to know who Dizzy Gillespie  idolized? Did you ever wonder who inspired Kenny Clarke and Art Blakey? Who was the pianist that mentored Monk, Bud Powell, Tad Dameron, Elmo Hope, Sarah Vaughan and Mel Torme? Who was Art Tatum’s idol and Nat Cole’s mentor? What musical quartet pioneered the concept adopted later by the Modern Jazz Quartet? Were you ever curious to know who taught saxophone to Stanley Turrentine or who taught piano to Ahmad Jamal? What community music school trained Robert McFerrin, Sr. for his history-making debut with the Metropolitan Opera? What virtually unknown pianist was a significant influence on young John Coltrane, Shirley Scott, McCoy Tyner, Bobby Timmons and Ray Bryant when he moved to Philadelphia from Pittsburgh in the 1940s?  Would you be surprised to know that Erroll Garner attended classes at the Julliard School of Music in New York and was at the top of his class in writing and arranging proficiency?


Some answers  can be gleaned from the postings on the Pittsburgh Jazz Network.


For almost 100 years the Pittsburgh region has been a metacenter of jazz originality that is second to no other in the history of jazz.  One of the best kept secrets in jazz folklore, the Pittsburgh Jazz Legacy has heretofore remained mythical.  We have dubbed it “the greatest story never told” since it has not been represented in writing before now in such a way as to be accessible to anyone seeking to know more about it.  When it was happening, little did we know how priceless the memories would become when the times were gone.


Today jazz is still king in Pittsburgh, with events, performances and activities happening all the time. The Pittsburgh Jazz Network is dedicated to celebrating and showcasing the places, artists and fans that carry on the legacy of Pittsburgh's jazz heritage.






Duke Ellington is first African-American and the first musician to solo on U.S. circulating coin



       In Her Own Words


Dear Friends and Members: I have just been informed of some very good news from Tamm E. Hunt, Founder/host of our sister network The Global Jazz Network (TGJN) as follows: FYI! as some of you remember the TGJN JAZZBLAST! to help Hard Bop piano legend, 81 years young Freddie Redd has circulated the Globe and come back home to settle a need. Wendy Oxenhorn of The Jazz Foundation of America for stepping up to the plate and making a commitment to our TGJN Family Member Freddie Redd. Those you who still want to and can help Mr. Redd you can now send your tax deductible contributions to The Jazz Foundation of America,Inc. (501C3) specifically for Freddie Redd by making your contribution payable to:
The Foundation of American, Inc. 322 West 48th Street, 6th Floor New York, NY 10036 ATT: Wendy Oxenhorn Or call Joe @ 212.245.3999 with your electronic contribution Specific donations for Freddie Redd Many thanks and much respect to TGJN Members, Dr. Nelson Harrison, Michael C. Gwynne, Linda Morgan, R. C. Thompson (Randy) and all the benevolent souls who supported the cause in some way. Shireen Reid @ Musicares -West, Wendy Garfinkle @ The California Jazz Foundation and good friend, artist/writer Meg Langford (Read Ryman). If I missed any one it was not intentional. Now we are reaching out to the writers and journalists, editors, publishers, broadcasters and publications that are members of TGJN to schedule Freddie Redd for interviews and feature articles. ALL MEDIA: Please contact New Jazz Audience multimedia entertainment & marketing consultants @ 443.642.8482 or email us @ For interviews with the legendary Freddie Redd a member of The Global Jazz Network. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .

Freddie has three jobs waiting for him in New York and two in Washington DC in less than three weeks. Birdland, February, 9th, Dizzy's Coca Cola, March 1st, Smalls in NYC, April 9th and 10th and Twins Jazz in Washington DC March 26th. Watch this network "Events" page for details or go to the club website for detailed listing.

You can Google those clubs and see him on the schedule. Read about him - Freddie Redd - Google Search There are 70 Google pages referencing Freddie and his work. Muhammad Ali only has 8 more than Freddie. He is unable at this time to purchase travel tickets for him, his wife and their belongings to leave LA and begin a New life in Virginia where they have a home waiting for them. His being a National Treasure and us all being willing to help we ask that you consider being a part of this movement and contribute what you can to getting this man on a plane soon as possible and getting him back to work due to his historic popularity in the East. Every little bit means a lot. Many thanks from all of us and especially Freddie and his family. Consider yourself now a "Patron of the Arts" with more information and further developments to follow. Feel free to pass this letter along to others you may think would want to know about this man and his plight.
Working together works!!!

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Comment by Dr. Nelson Harrison on February 1, 2010 at 3:40am
Good Morning! Nelson

I am so delighted to report that things are rapidly changing for our National Jazz Treasure, Freddie Redd.

Musicares West has given support to the Redds and The Jazz Foundation of America has and is contributing to the relocation of the family. California Jazz Foundation has also expressed an interest in supporting our endeavor toward Freddie.

The Global Jazz Foundation and Meg Langford have secured the and he now has an URL of his own and a website.


Please help me with as any MP3s of Freddie's music so I can upload and create an autoplay allowing his music to be automatically heard.

I am diligently working toward getting him interviews in both Washington, DC & New York City and Baltimore & Northern Virginia with the hopes that we can interest the electronic media i.e network TV and cable and of course newspapers and magazines for features.

It has been a pleasure to work with Freddie and Meg as well as Michael and yourself to ensure the stability of Freddie & Valerie Redd and their treasured pet "Lady".

Building Bridges 4 Jazz!
Tamm E Hunt
Comment by Bill Trousdale on January 27, 2010 at 3:27pm
Is Freddie a native Pennsylvanian? What connection does he have with Pittsburgh or the Commonwealth? If you wish post this info at our web site and any programs and shows in Pennsylvania or artists from Pennsylvania, please do. We will monitor for end dates.
Comment by Dr. Nelson Harrison on January 27, 2010 at 12:58pm
GOOD NEWS!! WORKING TOGETHER WORKS! We CAN do it for each other.
Comment by Dr. Nelson Harrison on January 27, 2010 at 3:21am
Comment by Dr. Nelson Harrison on January 27, 2010 at 3:03am
Comment by Dr. Nelson Harrison on January 27, 2010 at 3:02am
Comment by Dr. Nelson Harrison on January 27, 2010 at 2:57am
One of the telling mysteries of the jazz world remains why is this man not acknowledged as a 'National Treasure?" Even more mysterious, WHY is he not being booked around THIS country. America has long been known as a squanderer of its native wonders but this borders on the worst kind of ignorance and abuse. WAKE UP AMERICA AND BOOK THIS GUY...somewhere near New York please. ---Purkasz

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