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From Blakey to Brown, Como to Costa, Eckstine to Eldridge, Galbraith to Garner, Harris to Hines, Horne to Hyman, Jamal to Jefferson, Kelly to Klook; Mancini to Marmarosa, May to Mitchell, Negri to Nestico, Parlan to Ponder, Reed to Ruther, Strayhorn to Sullivan, Turk to Turrentine, Wade to Williams… the forthcoming publication Treasury of Pittsburgh Jazz Connections by Dr. Nelson Harrison and Dr. Ralph Proctor, Jr. will document the legacy of one of the world’s greatest jazz capitals.


Do you want to know who Dizzy Gillespie  idolized? Did you ever wonder who inspired Kenny Clarke and Art Blakey? Who was the pianist that mentored Monk, Bud Powell, Tad Dameron, Elmo Hope, Sarah Vaughan and Mel Torme? Who was Art Tatum’s idol and Nat Cole’s mentor? What musical quartet pioneered the concept adopted later by the Modern Jazz Quartet? Were you ever curious to know who taught saxophone to Stanley Turrentine or who taught piano to Ahmad Jamal? What community music school trained Robert McFerrin, Sr. for his history-making debut with the Metropolitan Opera? What virtually unknown pianist was a significant influence on young John Coltrane, Shirley Scott, McCoy Tyner, Bobby Timmons and Ray Bryant when he moved to Philadelphia from Pittsburgh in the 1940s?  Would you be surprised to know that Erroll Garner attended classes at the Julliard School of Music in New York and was at the top of his class in writing and arranging proficiency?


Some answers  can be gleaned from the postings on the Pittsburgh Jazz Network.


For almost 100 years the Pittsburgh region has been a metacenter of jazz originality that is second to no other in the history of jazz.  One of the best kept secrets in jazz folklore, the Pittsburgh Jazz Legacy has heretofore remained mythical.  We have dubbed it “the greatest story never told” since it has not been represented in writing before now in such a way as to be accessible to anyone seeking to know more about it.  When it was happening, little did we know how priceless the memories would become when the times were gone.


Today jazz is still king in Pittsburgh, with events, performances and activities happening all the time. The Pittsburgh Jazz Network is dedicated to celebrating and showcasing the places, artists and fans that carry on the legacy of Pittsburgh's jazz heritage.






Duke Ellington is first African-American and the first musician to solo on U.S. circulating coin



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I'm starting this correspondence, for the solution of a Jazz Festival, or any other event for that matter, is to have a few individuals committed to doing such.
I promote the Goshen "Willie the Lion Smith" Jazz Festival, in Goshen NY, Orange County. This festival is going into it's 5th year. Though it is slow and coming, it's where, I along with 2 others, are professionally working diligently to help keep the American Classical Heritage within the public eye, as well as the ear. Believe me a Jazz festival here, in Orange County, NY, that has been running 5 years consecutively is a record. Being from Pittsburgh and coming home periodically I know all it would take is 2 to 5 committed artist with a good sense of business. The internet has placed everyone on a level playing field. It's now a question of who will step up and start the process. I will say this, for myself, I am willing to work with any of you that really want to see a Pittsburgh Jazz Festival once again. The important aspect of this business is to understand that 90% is about the business and the other 10% is preparing of the business. The talent is as natural as putting one foot in front of the other to continue to move forward naturally. It would be a groove to read some feed back to this developing digg, peace, Christopher Dean Sullivan

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Mark the Date: April 13th B-PEP will hold the 4th annual Jazz Marathon at the Holiday Inn Oakland....six (6) hours of Jazz featuring Pittsburgh's top name in Jazz.

The Host Bands................
w/Joe Badaczeuski, Tony Depolis, Roger, Alton Merrell & Lou Srellute


w/ Kenny Blake, Luther DeJarunett, Tim Jenkins, Tim, Vince Taglieri & Virgil Walters

Host Emcee
Tony Mowod, WDUQ Radio founder, Pittsburgh Jazz Society

With a number of Guest Emcees including:
Danielle Nottingham, WPXI-TV
Bob Studebaker, WDUQ Radio
Lynne Hayes Freeland, KDKA-TV
and Others

Check out some of the Guest Artists:
Howie Alexander, pianist
Harold Betters, trumpeter
Etta Cox, vocalist
Dr. Nelson Harrison, trombonist
Marva Josie, vocalist
Gene Ludwig, pianist
Jeff Montgomery, drummer
Spider Rondinelli, drummer/vocalist

To name only a few. Be sure to come back to this site for ticket info

For further info :
PghRich : B-PEP:

B-PEP = Black Political Empowerment Project
PLease include me. I was in the very first one in 1988.
Annie Friedland will also be performing as a guest artist. She was at the very FIRST rally in 1085 or 88!
As a work of art for the festival, I would like to create a wall with the names of great and departed Pittsburgh Jazz heroes, pictures, a little history, that could be added to every year with great ceremony at the annual festival. Who can help me think this through?

I can help. Incidentally, are you the one who takes the submissions for performance? Mine is on the way!
Jazz Festival of Pittsburgh!

Call For Artists Continued...

We have received several promotional packets, but not enough for a jazz festival.
I am reminded of the story of the little red hen...who will help me bake this bread?

A Jazz Festival is a lot of work. If you would serve on the committee, please email me at
If you are interested in performing, please send your packet to:

Allegheny Coutny ACORN- Attention, Maryellen Hayden
5907 Penn Avenue, Suite 300, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

We need to set a meeting, those who email me will be invited.

Thank you,
Maryellen Hayden
I would love to be included, my press kit resides online at unfortunately the proposed dates are not dates I am available. First week of September right, around Labor Day weekend? I am always out west during that time. I am in an opera this year called "How to Survive the Apocalypse, a Burning Man Opera" and I will be in Nevada filming for it and the run takes me through October, so that is why I have not sent anything or contacted you, but if I were avaiable I would be all over it. I am pretty bummed about it, honestly, I remember the conversation I had with Nelson at the Shadow Lounge late late one night and we were like "Yeah we can do this thing (meaning a local jazz fest)" and now it looks like one might happen, but I can't even sing for it or be involved!!!! Ah well, I am sure it will be great, I just wish I could be there. I am an excellent singer and emcee and stage organizer, but the timing is not something I can change.
Can I perform and organize? I am a good organizer!
Save the date.....Just three (3) weeks before the event all jazz lover are waiting for. THE B-PEP JAZZ MARATHON April 13, 2009. 6:30 to 11:30 PM

Where : Holiday Inn Select Oakland 100 Lyton Ave. Six (6) hours of jazz you won't forget.
Host Bands : Roger Humphries & the RH Factor
The Tim Stevens Project

Host Emcee : Tony Mowod WDUQ Radio
Guess Emcees Kevin Amos WRCT Radio, Tara Edwards WTAE TV, Lynne Hayes Freeland KDKA TV, Chris Moore WQED TV/KDKA Radio, Debbie Norrel The Pgh Courier, Danielle Nottingham WPIX TV, Bob Studebaker WDUQ Radio


Listen to these greats : Howie Alexander, Don Aliquo, Harold Betters, Cecil Brooks ll, Tony Campbell, Harry Cardillo, COL Jazz Band, Etta Cox, Betty Douglass, Sandy Dowe, Jeff Grubbs, Dr. Nelson Harrison, Gerald "Shotgun" Hayman, John Hughes, James Johnson Jr, George Jones, Marva Josie, Jassica Lee, Gen Judwig, Jeff Montgomery, Joe Negri, Carolyn Perteete, Fred Pugh, Spider Rondinelli, Lori Russo, Sandy Staley, Mark Strickland, Mike Stout, Dan Wasson, Tom Wendt, Jay Willis, flo Wilson and many others.

Don't miss this JAZZ event of the season.

All this for .....Can you believe:
$20.00 $15.00 for Senior Citizens and Students

Tickets available at :
Center of Attraction
Dorsey's Record Shop
720 Records
Stedeford's Record Shop
Time Bomb Spot (Clothing)
Upbeat Rercords
And on-line @

For ANYONE and EVERYONE who love jazz this will be the place to be...........................
I have received many emails about volunteering in several different places, and I can't keep up! So I will be creating a webpage and an email just for our festival. In the meanwhile, let's use for all electronic correspondence regarding the Pittsburgh Jazz Festival.

We will create a space to honor our fallen musicians at the festival, so please email me the names that you know. I will start with Dr. Derrick Finch. Who else?
This is going to take more work and planning that I thought. We are going to need to write some grants, looking for a grantwriting team right now. It appears that the funding cycle and the economy are working together to make this a 2010 event, but we have to get serious now. We could also choose to do a smaller event first, say, in the fall...Please email me at with your name and phone number if you would like to be on the following committees:

1. Grantwriting and Fundraising
2. Musical Choices Team (If you are on this one, you can't perform)
3. Logistics

We continue to accept promo packets at Allegheny County ACORN, 5907 Penn Avenue, Suite 300, Pittsburgh, PA 15210


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